This Jet Engine Cannot Fly, But It Can Help Save Lives

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The Texas Medical Center in Houston is the world’s largest healthcare complex. Doctors at the center, whose grounds are 1.5 times larger than New York’s Central Park, see 7 million patients per year and complete 350,000 surgeries. Its $15 billion operating budget is twice the size of Iowa’s ...

More Walking and Biking, Better Health: New Evidence From American Cities

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States with higher rates of walking and biking to work tend to have lower rates of diabetes. Click to enlarge. All graphics: Alliance for Biking and WalkingNew data from the Alliance for Biking and Walking’s 2014 Benchmarking report bears out the notion that people tend to be healthier ...

Video Tour of an Overnight Train

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Travel blogger Kelley Ferro recently trained on one of our awesome overnight trains. Check out her video tour above of the epic Southwest Chief which connects Chicago and Los Angeles!If you don't know anything about the Southwest Chief, it's one of Amtrak's long-distance trains. In fact, it's an ...

Averting climate change catastrophe is affordable, says IPCC report

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Catastrophic climate change can be averted without sacrificing living standards, according to a landmark UN report published on Sunday. It concludes the transformation required to a world of clean energy and the ditching of dirty fossil fuels is eminently affordable.The authoritative report, produced by 1250 international experts and ...

Highway fund bankruptcy now projected for August

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The Department of Transportation (DOT) on Tuesday moved up its projected bankruptcy date for the trust fund that is used to pay for road and transit projects, saying it will now run dry by the end of August. The department had previously projected that the Highway Trust Fund ...

Glow-in-the-dark roads make debut in Netherlands

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Light-absorbing glow-in-the-dark road markings have replaced streetlights on a 500m (0.3 mile) stretch of highway in the Netherlands.Studio Roosegaarde promised the design back in 2012, and after cutting through rather a lot of government red tape we can finally see the finished product. One Netherlands news report said,

The Biggest Problem With Forcing Commuter Trains to Use 2 Drivers

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Last summer, a crude oil train derailed in Quebec, unleashing explosions that killed 47 people and wiped out part of the town Lac-Mégantic. The tragedy evidently occurred after the train's lone engineer improperly applied the brakes then left the scene. In the wake of the event, the U.S.

Domino's Pizza now delivers by cargo trike in downtown Portland

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Scott Kealer of Domino's Pizza on SW 4th Avenuewith his shop's new vehicle.(Photo by M.Andersen/BikePortland)Cheap, fast and classy, cargo bikes and trikes have been in use for years from Old Town Pizza to Good Neighbor Pizzeria. Last fall, Scott Kealer did the math and decided his downtown Portland ...

This could be the future of Chicago public transportation

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In olden times, back when people wore pocketwatches and used the word “gallimaufry,” Chicago’s transit system was simple. People from the city outskirts took the train downtown for work, then they hopped back on the L and schlepped home.Nowadays, shit’s different. People live even farther out than before ...

Happiness is a Short Commute

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It’s true! In fact, one study found that a person with a one-hour commute has to earn 40% more to be as satisfied with life as someone who walks to the office. And, the inverse it true too. A Swedish study found that people who endure more than ...

Electric car numbers double in one year

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If the past three years' growth rates are sustained, then more than one million electric vehicles will be out and about worldwide as early as the beginning of 2016.The number of electrically powered automobiles worldwide climbed to just over 400,000 in early 2014. This figure was determined in ...

Honda Takes A Less-Graphic Approach In New Anti-Texting Ad: Is This More Effective?

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Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a heart-stopping PSA for Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Now, Honda has posted one of its own -- one that takes a considerably less graphic approach. Is one more effective than the other?As you'll see from the clip embedded above,

SmartWalk Turns Any Surface Into A Subway Tracker

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Need a ride? This new service will project real-time schedules for public transit onto city sidewalks and buildings.In 2012, the company TransitScreen launched a new service that makes choosing a method of public transportation much easier. The company’s digital signage aggregates real-time information for any mode of public ...

Renewable Energy Myths 5: If China Drove An Electric Car Off A Cliff...

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“There’s an argument to be made that the short-term culprit here is the contest between the United States and China, to see who can subsidize their respective solar industries the most (Hint: China is winning). On the other hand, finding the most economically efficient way to deliver energy ...

Why You Should Explore Cities by Bike

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One of the best things about seeing a cit by bike is feeling the wind in your hair while you explore diverse neighborhoods, such as Washington, DC's Chinatown, pictured here."Some people think that it is all about the bike, but we all know that it isn't. When we ...

BMW Lifts i3 Electric Car Production 43% on Higher Demand

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BMW began rolling out the i3 last November and will begin bringing the i8 hybrid sports car to market in June. CloseBMW began rolling out the i3 last November and will begin bringing the i8 hybrid sports... Read More BMW began rolling out the i3 last November and ...

8 Fascinating Facts about Bicycling and Walking in the United States

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Today marks the release of the brand new 2014 Alliance Benchmarking Report, a massive compendium of data and research on walking and bicycling in all 50 states, 52 of the most populous cities, and 17 midsized cities.The Alliance produces the Benchmarking Report every two years in partnership with ...

Tennessee Passes Ban on Bus Rapid Transit

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transportation |
Tennessee lawmakers have voted overwhelmingly to ban the construction of bus rapid transit anywhere in the state. The impetus for the vote was a proposal to build a $174 million BRT system in Nashville called The Amp, which would’ve ran on a 7.1 mile route and served rapidly ...

Nine New Projects Announced For Clean Vehicles In National Parks

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Nine New Projects Announced For Clean Vehicles In National ParksIf you're planning a summer vacation to a U.S. national park this summer, you may start to see a few changes when you get there. The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Clean Cities program and the National Park Service ...

Is There Such a Thing as a 'Feminine' Way to Ride a Bike?

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Walking around in a woman’s body, as anyone who’s done it knows, means that you are subject to an ever-shifting set of societal expectations, restrictions, and judgments about how to dress and behave. Put that woman’s body on a bicycle, and things get even more complicated. (Men have ...

In the age of Prius and Tesla, can the Chevy Volt succeed? We ask GM.

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My local Chevy dealer -- Rydell Chevrolet -- in Los Angeles is one of the largest Volt dealers in the US. Brooke Crothers/CNETThe Chevy Volt is a good car, with marketing challenges. I asked GM about those challenges as it approaches the 60,000 units-sold mark. Let me preface ...

USDOT: Highway fund almost too low to pay bills

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More grim news about federal funding for the nation’s transit, highway and bridge projects: The Department of Transportation forecast Tuesday that the money for those repairs and expansion will begin to run short by the end of July.The Highway Trust Fund is running low on cash primarily because ...

A Tesla Model S is driving to all 4 corners of the US — you can follow it!

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A team from Recargo, PlugShare, and Pluginsights is in the middle of an “Epic Electric American Roadtrip.” To be specific, Recargo Managing Director of Research Norman Hajjar is driving a Tesla Model S approximately 12,000 miles around the United States within about 20 days. The point is simply ...

Fresno State goes green with electric car-charging station

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In a March 16, 2012 file photo, a Nissan Leaf tops off it's battery in Central Point, Ore., at one of the charging stations along Interstate 5.Fresno State is planning to give electric car drivers more options to "charge up" under plans announced Friday to build a six-stall ...

Study: Long Commutes Are Just As Stressful As Low Pay

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Decades ago, cruise ship company Cunard began advertising with a now-famous tag line: "Getting there is half the fun". It was catchy, but also grimly ironic, since Cunard was part of the same corporate cluster that ran the Titanic and the Lusitania.Few would claim that getting "there" is ...

Middle of the road article goes viral on motoring website

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by Mark Sutton Wednesday, April 16th 2014 at 7:47AM BSTBelly-of-the-beast piece – written by BikeBiz exec editor Carlton Reid – explains why cyclists ride in the middle of the road. An article headline "Why do cyclists ride in the middle of the road?", published yesterday, is going viral ...

Electric cars growing 100% every year (graphs)

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Many of us quite familiar with electric cars believe they will "disrupt" the automobile industry, replacing gasmobiles just as cell phones replaced landlines and smartphones replaced first-generation cell phones. Electric cars are simply much better... in numerous ways.As manufacturing has gotten rolling and costs of lithium-ion batteries have ...

Bicycle 'Aid Stations' coming to Plaid Pantry stores

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Convenience store chain Plaid Pantry has announced their latest effort to become more appealing to customers who arrive by bike: Bicycle aid stations.According to Administrative Manager Laura Sadowski, the new aid stations will be available at all 104 Oregon stores and will consist of a flat repair kit,

This is the sweetest, mushiest bike map you’ve ever seen

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Vincent Meertens and his girlfriend Larissa tracked all their bike trips for a year, and the result is a dense, cross-hatched map of their travels as individuals and as a couple. It’s like one of those Facebook relationship pages, but centered on biking.Meertens’ routes are picked out in ...

Five Millennial Behaviors Impacting Transportation

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The rise of digital technology and online media over the past decade has not only dramatically shaped the way we communicate, but the way we get from Point A to Point B.When baby boomers and Generation X-ers were coming of age, there were no smartphones, laptops or social ...

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