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...DEFINITELY A 5 STAR RATING!Cocoa Beach 1,000 Islands: In Search of Wildlife (Capt. Mike Arnold) "Previous neighbors were in town visiting for a few days. We are senior citizens and ...

The Sustainable Economy and Decent Work for All

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Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from the new book, “Decent Work, Green Jobs and the Sustainable Economy,” Stylus Publishing, available in stores now and online.We face two defining challenges ...

China’s Top Wind Power Player Looking at Solar in Australia

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Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., China’s largest wind-turbine maker, is looking at expanding into another renewable energy source in Australia -- solar. Goldwind is studying a solar project in ...

'Oceans aren't swimming pools': Why sharks are biting North Carolina beachgoers

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A recent spate of shark attacks along North Carolina's beaches has left beachgoers frightened and experts scratching their heads. The most recent attack, in which a six-to-seven foot shark bit ...

New study warns of dangerous climate change risks to the Earth’s oceans

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Immediate, serious efforts to curb carbon pollution are needed to minimize ocean ecosystem changes A new paper just published in Science summarizes the projected impacts of climate change on the ...

A Sustainable Approach to Preventing Ocean Plastic Pollution

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Featuring fresh takes and real-time analysis from HuffPost's signature lineup of contributors Our ocean is in trouble. Each year, more than 8 million metric tons of plastic trash flows into ...

Planting the locations of Chicago's gardens on a map could help sow the farming movement

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The vacant lot next door to Billy Burdett’s house in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood was once an ornamental garden with some vegetables here and there. Then the lot’s owner got ...

Oceans face massive and irreversible impacts without carbon cuts – study

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Business-as-usual carbon emissions would cause global warming that brings serious ocean acidification, death of corals and mangroves, scientists say Time is rapidly running out for the world’s oceans and the ...

Urban agriculture is part of our history

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Urban agriculture continues to be a hot topic. In practice, urban agriculture has been a persistent and organized activity in our nation’s cities for well over a century. And one ...

Oceans face 'acidification crisis'

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Scientists have warned that marine life will be irreversibly changed unless CO2 emissions are drastically cut. Writing in Science, experts say the oceans are heating, losing oxygen and becoming more ...

Kick Plastic – Ocean Conservation

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Americans may be recycling more than ever before, but we're also making more trash than ever before. So even though we're getting better, our oceans continue to get worse—strangled by ...

Oceans face 'acidification crisis'

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Scientists have warned that marine life will be irreversibly changed unless CO2 emissions are drastically cut. Writing in Science, experts say the oceans are heating, losing oxygen and becoming more ...

US: 100% conversion to wind, water and solar power by 2050 feasible, PV to account for 38%: pv-magazine

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In a new study by Stanford University, a solid financial, technical and economical case for the U.S to convert its all-purpose energy systems to ones powered by wind, water and ...

Vegan 7 Layer Salad with Creamy Chipotle Dressing Recipe

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I’m totally obsessed lately with layering. Not clothes, mind you, it’s 100 degrees out! But food. My latest stacked victim is this super easy, yet impressive vegan 7 layer salad.

Smoked Cashew Cheese Spread [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

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Dairy FreeKid-FriendlySoy FreeSugar Free / Low SugarVeganWheat Free Julie Van den Kerchove is a certified raw food chef & writer graduated from the Living Light Culinary Institute. After successfully healing ...

Hemp and Cashew Energy Bites [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

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Dairy FreeHealthyKid-FriendlyNutrient Dense RecipesSoy FreeVeganWheat Free Jen is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, soon-to-be health coach and the blogger behind Burpees for Breakfast. Her passion is to inspire people ...

Obama’s Renewable-Energy Fantasy

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On June 30, one day after the Supreme Court struck down the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of mercury emissions from power plants, President Obama committed the United States to the ...

Are plastic planes the future of flight? Heathrow expansion reopens debate over aviation's effects on the environment

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Manufacturers are drawing up blueprints to make their aircraft greener Simon Calder’s career in travel started at Gatwick Airport, where he cleaned aircraft for Laker Airways and later worked as ...

Viaducts with wind turbines, the new renewable energy source

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IMAGE: This is an illustration of two identical wind turbines installed in a viaduct. view moreWind turbines could be installed under some of the biggest bridges on the road network to ...

Cutting-edge lessons from the Aquarium’s Sustainable Foods Institute.

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The graceful bluefin remains the poster fish for overfishing; new management networks now cover the globe, allowing for cautious hope for progress. Every year for a decade now, something starts ...

Solar Power for Everyone

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Mark and Sara Borkowski live with their two young daughters in a century-old, fifteen-hundred-square-foot house in Rutland, Vermont. Mark drives a school bus, and Sara works as a special-ed teacher; ...

Superfood Vegan Veggie Burgers {Gluten-Free}

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Superfood Vegan veggie burgers are packed full of vitamins and nutrients thank to uber healthy ingredients such as beets, sweet potatoes, black beans, oats, and all sorts of seeds and ...

An Urban Farming Renaissance in Our Nation’s Capital

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Rhea Kennedy is a D.C.-based teacher and writer who has covered sustainable food and local culture for The Washington City Paper, Grist, and The Jew and the Carrot blog at ...

Electric Vehicle News, Reviews, and Reports

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Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn: “Tesla Is Not Our Rival – It Is An Ally” June EV Sales Off 16% In US Despite Strong Showing From Tesla Tesla Tops Estimates With ...

What is a forest garden?

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Sami Grover (@samigrover) Living / Lawn & Garden July 1, 2015 Whether it's this small British garden turned food forest or this 2000-year-old food forest in Morocco, the idea of ...

A Big Jolt For Electric Vehicle Range, Sparked By Tiny Jeep

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Published on June 30th, 2015 | by Tina Casey Okay, so it was only a toy Jeep, but when it rolled around the floor flashing its LED headlights, this particular ...

Corporate Speed Dating: Coupling India's Smart Cities with Smart Investment for Sustainability

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Published on June 30th, 2015 | by Guest Contributor Building off nearly 10 months of extensive public and private sector consultation, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi began in April to ...

These ten urban agriculture projects have changed the food system in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is home to 100,000 honey bees, which produce around 70 pounds of chemical-free honey annually for the hotel restaurant and spa.By Eden Kinkaid Christian Science Monitor Food ...

China plans to double global capacity of wind, solar

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Pakistan to set up carbon markets to cut emissions, lure investment India, China, Brazil & South Africa issue UN climate deal checklist Toxic Delhi: Earth’s most polluted city has no ...

14 eco-friendly, toddler-proof decor items for design-savvy parents

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This beautiful cherry wood bowl has unique circular cutouts that add allure to what might have been just a basic bowl, plus allows air to circulate and keep fruit, rolls ...

Adidas Knit These Sneakers Entirely From Ocean Plastic Trash

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The shoe company is letting you help get plastic out of the ocean—with your feet. As engineers work to find new ways to pull some of the trillions of pieces ...

Coconut Ice Cream Cheesecake With Lime and Avocado [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

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Dairy FreeHealthyKid-FriendlyRaw VeganSoy FreeVeganWheat Free Ida Hemmingsson-Holl is the creator of the new food blog www.planetplantbased.com. She cooks vegan food, naturally free from gluten and white sugar. Ida has a ...

Neil Young Invites Permaculture on Tour

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The Permaculture team are huge Neil Young fans, so it really is special for a world renowned singer, songwriter and activist to get in touch with us and ask us,

The Second Battle of Midway: How Plastic Pollution is Killing Animals on This Historic Island

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Midway Atoll was the site of an important turning point in world history in the 1940s. The Battle of Midway occurred in June 1942, six months after the Japanese attack ...

How to Make Infused Vodka at Home

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Associate web editor Rochelle Bilow may work on the internet, but when it comes to cooking, she prefers to keep it old-school. From making her own butter (seriously) to grinding her coffee beans by ...

Ethiopia harnesses wind power

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Adama, Ethiopia: The wind blows hard over Adama, a range of rocky hills in Ethiopia’s highlands that provide the perfect location for one of the continent’s largest wind farms. “In ...

How Lowe's Brought Social Savvy And A Sense Of Humor To Home Improvement

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CMO Tom Lamb talks about the power of Vine, attracting millennials, and making home improvement approachable. With July 4th approaching, home improvement chain Lowe's wanted to give people a gentle ...

DIY Homemade Gel Ice Pack

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A few years ago when I was training for my local marathon I was getting achy knees and just on the edge of over training. I was desperate to make ...

Chickpea Flour Pancakes (Besan Chilla) [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

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Dairy FreeHealthyNut FreeSoy FreeSugar Free / Low SugarVeganWheat Free Richa Hingle is the prolific and award winning recipe developer, blogger, and photographer behind VeganRicha.com. She loves to show people how ...

What If the Oceans Were National Parks?

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ASPEN, Colo.—Next year will mark the centennial of the U.S. National Park Service. In the 100 years since it was established, the national parks have become one of America’s most ...

In Chicago, rooftop farming is getting off the ground

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For more than a decade, Chicago has been at the forefront of the green-roof movement. Now the city is poised to take an active role in the next environmental push ...

The Mediterranean Sea classified as the sixth highest region for the accumulation of plastic debris on the planet

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The amounts of plastic debris in the Mediterranean are comparable to those reported for the great accumulation areas located in the centres of the oceans The team of Andrés Cózar,

3 Alternative Health Doctors Found Dead In the Last 2 Weeks After Run-Ins With The Feds

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In the past several weeks, a number of controversial natural health doctors have died under mysterious circumstances. Some of them have even had recent encounters with federal agents and bureaucracies.

Why Joining the Urban Agriculture Movement Will Make You Healthier

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Common Good City Farm produces food for low-income neighborhoods in the District of Columbia. In 2014, the USDA reported a total of 8,268 farmers markets nationwide, an increase of 76 ...

How to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly - Infographic

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When you see your power bill every month, do you ever wonder where all of that electricity went? Surely your air conditioning can’t make that much of a difference! But in ...

Living With The Land Part 1 - Forest Gardening

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Martin Crawford, pioneering forest gardener, introduces us to his beautiful Forest Garden full of food, fibres and medicinal plants in South Devon. Centred around a key interview with Martin, the ...

Ka-Boom! Fireworks create an eco-bombshell

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OCEAN PARK, Wash. — Most of the people who participated in last year’s annual July 5 beach cleanup tossed their bags of soggy Independence Day litter into the dumpsters. But ...

Why More Companies Today Are Embracing Wellness

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Businesses are facilitating employees' wellness through meditation classes, napping pods and organic food. Illustration: Jonathan Reinfurt Even Don Draper meditates. And when he does, the fictional ad titan comes up ...

Healthy Yogurt Mousse (Dairy-Free Dessert Recipe)

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I honestly have no idea how I stumbled upon making this creation, but once it had chilled and thickened to a rich and dreamy consistency, I was hooked. This vanilla ...

practical solutions for self-reliance

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Permaculture magazine has teamed up with Permaculture People to produce nine short films exploring successful permaculture projects across a range of topics, such as large-scale, regenerative agriculture, forest gardening, urban ...

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