Solar Power in US doubles in 2014, Wind now 4% of Energy Mix

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Compared to Germany and Spain, the United States is woefully backward in its development of wind, solar and other renewable sources of energy for electricity generation. But there is some good news on this front, as CleanTech notes.Utility-scale solar power generation in the United States doubledin the past ...

10 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2015

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Wellness really took off in 2014, as meditation and the microbiome went mainstream, technology continued to drive fitness, and quinoa and juice landed in 7-Eleven. We expect 2015 to even better as this lifestyle becomes the new normal. Here are 10 trends to watch over the next year: ...

Smart Cities and the New Industrial Revolution

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By 2050, 66 percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas, compared to just 30 percent in 1950, according to a UN World Urbanization Prospects report. The re-urbanization movement puts stress on the infrastructure that supports cities and citizens. To mitigate the impact of this added ...

It’s Here: Vegan Cheese That Actually Tastes Good

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For those considering a vegan diet, dairy is often the last hurdle, the most difficult to give up. Many who want to eat lower on the food chain, and reduce their environmental impact, think “I’d go vegan, but I can’t give up cheese.” Thanks to two Bay Area ...

Can Solar Thermal Desalination Make Sustainable Agriculture Possible?

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December 5th, 2014 by Leon KayeThe jury is still out on solar thermal, which is certainly efficient but has its critics because of its costs, both financial and ecological. The International Energy Association (IEA) is still bullish about its future, and projects such as the Solana Generating Station ...

12 gifts your vegan friends will love

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Margaret Badore (@mbadore) Living / Culture December 3, 2014 Many vegans not only cut meat and dairy out of their lives, but they may also drop silk, wool, honey, leather and products tested on animals. The long list of animal ingredients to be avoided may seem daunting, but ...

Chicken farmer who spoke out about factory farm abuses immediately audited by Perdue

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Topics: Video, factory farms, poultry, perdue, meat industry, animal abuse, chicken, Sustainability News, News Almost immediately after the animal welfare group Compassion in World Farming released a video exposing the “humane” (read: atrocious) conditions for chickens raised on a factory farm for Perdue, the poultry giant audited the ...

Herbs to treat inflammation: The 10 most powerful natural medicines that really work

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Permalink to this article:http://www.naturalnews.com/047842_inflammation_natural_medicine_antioxidants.htmlEmbed article link: (copy HTML code below):Herbs to treat inflammation: The 10 most powerful natural medicines that really workPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseAbout UsContact Us/FeedbackWrite for Natural NewsMedia InformationAdvertise InformationJoin over 7 million monthly readers of NaturalNews.com, the internet's No. 1 natural health news site. (Source: ...

Using Clean Solar and Wind Energy to Live Off Grid in Nova Scotia Canada

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Clean Solar and Wind Energy( Solar Thermal Magazine) – Remote Northern Canada can be pretty cold during the winter and believe it or not also quite hot in the summer. Living far away from a large city in Canada without connection to the grid would be much like ...

Texas football field-turned-farm provides local produce to Dallas Cowboys stadium

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DALLAS -- Of the rolling 146 acres that Paul Quinn College calls home, the spot that belongs to the aging football field is impossible to miss. Set in a subtle valley on the northeast corner of campus, the field is everything you might expect at a tiny NAIA ...

The Best Gluten-Free Bread Options

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The hardest part about eating a gluten-free diet is bread. Yes, finding vegan and gluten-free dishes at restaurants is also a challenge but nothing compares to the trauma of sinking your teeth into your first slice of gluten-free bread and thinking your world is about to end. Seriously,

‘Farm-to-cool’ grants aim to spur healthy eating

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We’re always on the lookout for new voices to share their views and experiences about education today.Contact us if you have an idea for an opinion piece. Parents are particularly encouraged to share their opinions! Eight California farm-to-school programs received federal grants on Tuesday with the goal of ...

Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe (Dairy-free, Low-sugar, Vegan)

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This healthy hot chocolate is another fun, helpful, shortcut recipe that I created for Growing Naturals. As a holiday special, they are offering Go Dairy Free viewers a 40% discount on their Dairy-Free Rice Milk Powder, now through December 4th – yes today is the LAST DAY!!! Use ...

Des Moines’ water utility is fed up with filtering Big Ag’s filthy farm swill

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Thanks to the state’s huge agriculture industry, Iowa’s waterways already have some of the highest nitrate levels in the country, and last month, two rivers that supply Des Moines with drinking water reached levels deemed dangerous by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Since then the utility has had ...

Stuck in a rut with farm succession? Here's how to move forward

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Farm successions can be a thorny issue – not least if the parties involved can’t bring themselves to talk about it.A wide range of issues can halt meetings, cause emotional upset or family division and prevent farming families getting a sturdy succession plan in place.To try to get ...

Making cities sustainable with urban agriculture

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We need to find efficient and environmentally enhancing ways of feeding ourselves. To this end we need to initiate new processes of 'ecological densification' - making good, well considered use of limited areas of land - to meet increased food demands by increasing numbers of people. In many ...

3 Farm Women Share 3 Business Tips - News

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Owning and managing farms in today’s business environment is not easy. The need for rock-solid business plans is great. That’s what the more than 300 farm women from across the country are learning this week in Chicago at the 2014 Executive Women in Agriculture conference, which is hosted ...

Hosting Real Conversations Over Real Food

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In the wake of shootings and protests in Ferguson, MO, mindful living and design company Holstee wants you to devote your next potluck to hosting honest conversations about race and violence. Holstee has devoted its Potluck Series to encouraging members of the Holstee community and beyond to talk ...

Study is decoding blue light's mysterious ability to alter body's natural clock

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A study funded by the National Institutes of Health is unraveling the mystery of how blue light from residential and commercial lighting, electronic devices and outdoor lights can throw off-kilter the natural body clock of humans, plants and animals, leading to disease. Exposure to blue light is on ...

Governor Cuomo Announces Highlights from the 2014 Farm to Table Upstate-Downstate Agriculture Summit

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First Ever Summit, Hosted By Lieutenant Governor Duffy, Helps Strengthen the State’s Agricultural Economy Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today highlighted results from the first-ever Farm to Table Upstate-Downstate Agriculture Summit, which was introduced in the Governor’s 2014 State of the State address. The purpose of the Summit was ...

Small Family Farm Wins Slow Money's $60K BEETCOIN Loan

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I'm an award-winning journalist with a particular interest in for-profit social enterprise, as well as entrepreneurship and small business in general. I've covered those areas for many many places, including The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Crain's New York Business, Inc. and Business Insider. As an entrepreneurial journalist--ie,

Your Food Is Going To Be Grown By Robots, As They Take Over The Farm

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The automation of agriculture is upon us. There are already dozens of robots churning around the countryside—chopping, weeding, digging, and pot-moving—and, in the future, there'll likely be many more. Dozens of companies are working automated farm machines that reduce costs, extend harvesting periods, and improve safety, or so ...

Vegan Cheese Taste Test with a Non-Vegan

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Whitney takes omnivore Angie Greenup to 3 vegan spots in Los Angeles that make plant-based cheese from nuts and seeds. ►"Love, Food and Money" store-bought cheese taste test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8wr2...Angie shares her opinion of the different varieties from Crossroads Kitchen (Kite Hill by Tal Ronnen), Vromage and M.A.K.E. by ...

Bushels and Bytes: The Data-Driven Farm

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The Toms in Indiana have seen farming advance from horse-drawn plows to self-guiding tractors. They say innovation has been the key to their success.

3 reasons why universities are betting big on renewable energy

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Colleges and universities always have been focal points of change. The mixture of academic research, student activism and institutional clout has allowed campus communities to promote widespread technical and social transformations. During the last few years, a few of these institutions have begun to lead in an entirely ...

Agriculture Can’t Fulfil its Commitment to Nutrition Without Much More Broadly Based Innovation

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One might be forgiven for thinking that agriculture—the ultimate source of our food—is at the centre of nutrition. Certainly, that’s how many who make their living in agriculture, understand it. That adequate, quality food underpins health, which makes it possible to produce or purchase adequate, quality food is ...

Is a vegan diet healthy for children?

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Raising children on a vegan diet has been criticised as misguided and even dangerous, but advocates argue it's both a compassionate and healthy lifestyle choice. Maria Tickle meets some vegan-by-choice children to ask how they feel about the decision. I’ve met a lot of children in my school ...

Who should own farm data?

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The most important data point in farming used to be the weather. Today, precision agriculture—the use of sensors and software on field equipment—gives farmers exacting intelligence about their crops during harvest. The information is clearly valuable. But who owns it: the farmer, the landowner, the software maker, the ...

Sun grown and rain watered: First sustainable pot farm certified in Washington

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Andrew Black is founder of Certified Kind. The organization just organically and sustainably certified the first pot farm in Washington state. David Rice, owner of San Juan Sun Grown on San Juan Island, will have the first Washington marijuana products with a Certified Kind stamp. Because marijuana is ...

Slow Food USA: Manifesto

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The Slow Food international movement officially began when delegates from 15 countries endorsed this manifesto, written by founding member Folco Portinari, on December 10, 1989. Our century, which began and has developed under the insignia of industrial civilization, first invented the machine and then took it as its ...

USDA farm to school grants will connect school cafeterias, local farmers

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PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 2, 2014 - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced more than $5 million in grants for 82 projects to connect school cafeterias with local farmers and ranchers through the USDA's Farm to School Program.The program helps schools purchase more food from local farmers and ranchers in their ...

Google Earth Maps Urban Agriculture

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Urban agriculture (UA) has been credited for numerous positive effects in cities, such as access to fresh food, agro-biodiversity and as a contributor to improved social and cultural relationships. Like many other regions, urban agricultural activities are spreading in the city of Rome, but few attempts have been ...

In Case You Missed It: Farm Credit Basics

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The Farm Credit System is a network of financial cooperatives, owned and operated by the very same farmers, ranchers and rural customers it serves. Search for current Farm Credit jobs by using our browse feature, keyword search, or navigating the map. Producing Excellence shares compelling stories of American ...

Young farm startups go back to the land

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Past the muddy edges of Mace Chasm Road, live music rang out from a glowing white tent near the tiny village of Keeseville, NY, one recent Thursday night. A crowd surged around a brightly lit food truck and eddied near a tiny brewery built inside a barn. Dylan ...

Five Cities Where ‘Natural Infrastructure’ Improved the Water Supply

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The Republican River flows at sunset past an irrigation pivot near Guide Rock. The river’s water is shared by counties in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik, File) Where does your city’s water come from? The question is simple but, as with food or energy, many of ...

Setting the table for better food policy

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Be sure to include your name, daytime phone number, address, name and phone number of legal next-of-kin, method of payment, and the name of the funeral home/crematory to contact for verification of death. From its factory-farmed protein to its industrially processed soybean-oil mayo, let’s face it: You can ...

The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

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On World Soil Day, Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture announced goals to advance the sustainability of U.S. agriculture, committing its membership comprised of 66 grower organizations; agribusinesses; food, beverage, restaurant and retail companies; conservation groups; universities and public sector partners to driving sustainable outcomes for ...

Transitioning the Farm to the Next Generation

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The Farm Credit System is a network of financial cooperatives, owned and operated by the very same farmers, ranchers and rural customers it serves. Search for current Farm Credit jobs by using our browse feature, keyword search, or navigating the map. Producing Excellence shares compelling stories of American ...

With Hip Hop and Pop Ups, Oakland Food Policy Council Celebrates Five Years

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Every single one of the 200-odd food policy councils in North America has its own, distinct flavor. Some have been around since 1982 (the oldest is in Knoxville, Tennessee). On November 14, 2014, hip hop from Earth Amplified and DJ Leydis (of “Food Fight” fame) came pounding out ...

From Scientist to Farmer, Today’s Agriculture Producers Come from All Walks of Life

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Richard McGinley farms 950 acres fulltime in central Florida. According to the 2012 Census of Agriculture, more than half of Florida’s principal farm operators report primary occupations other than farming. NRCS photo. In the past, full-time farmers were the norm and children of farmers followed in their parent’s ...

The newest benefits perk: Cheap solar power for your home

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So your job gives you a 401k match and free pretzels? Cool, I guess — but your employer just got one-upped by a collection of big companies: 3M, Cisco, Kimberley-Clark, and the National Geographic Society just went in on the first corporate bulk solar purchase program. Now, their ...

Hydrate Healthier With This Natural Electrolyte Replacer

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Take a second and look at your skin from head to toe. What do you see? Many people observe wrinkles, acne, eczema, uneven rough skin or rosacea. Although these are all conditions we wish to liveReadWe've all heard how important it is to stay hydrated throughout the day ...

How Crowdfunding Helps New Types of Renewable Energy

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Crowdfunding continues to grow in prominence, with $5 billion raised in 2013 and a 76% growth rate.(1) Innovative products, creative works, and social causes have all found success raising money from the crowd. Existing renewable energy technologies — such as solar and wind — have also tapped into the power of crowdfunding. A glance at the speakers list for the 2014 Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference shows a who’s who of recent achievements in renewable energy crowdfunding. But what about new types of renewable energy? Are new technologies necessary for a ...

3 Inspiring Designs For Renewable Power Plants That Double As Art

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1st Place Winner of the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative design competition for Copenhagen THE SOLAR HOURGLASS 1st Place Winner of the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative design competition for Copenhagen THE SOLAR HOURGLASS 1st Place Winner of the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative design competition for Copenhagen ...

Aquaponic urban farm puts seniors to work

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Homefarm is a concept that mixes accommodation for seniors with an urban farm run, in part, by its retiree residents (Image: Spark) Among the oft-cited benefits of urban farming are improved food security and production sustainability. According to Spark Architects, its Homefarm part retirement home, part retiree-run urban ...

How wind power helps rural Oregon: Guest opinion

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Dryland farmers are resourceful by nature. Over the centuries, we've learned how to grow crops with little to no rain. It's true, family farms like ours have lasted for seven generations because of hard work, grit and determination, but, with the help of a little innovation and technology,

Crowd-Pleasing Vegan Caesar Salad

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My dad is coming to visit this week. This means two very important things are on my “what to make dad” menu. 1) Chili, always and 2) Caesar salad. Those are essential food groups for the guy. Anything else is icing on the cake. Plus, I always welcome ...

Electric Vehicle News: Electric vehicles account for almost 10% of Californian new-car sales

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Hybrid electric and plug-in electric vehicle now account for almost 10 percent (9.6%) of all new car sales in California. Electric vehicles, which registered nearly zero in state-wide new car-sales as recently as three years ago, are now taking a noticeable market share, according to the latest quarterly ...

Shweta Adhikar: Seven Ways Agriculture Is Getting Climate-Smart

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As COP20 kicks off in Peru, Shweta Adhikari, a student at the Agriculture and Forestry University in Nepal, writes about seven climate-smart solutions for agriculture and how they are being put into action across the globe. This blog is part of our ongoing series with the Young Professionals ...

Petition to the President for a National Food Policy

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Our food and agriculture system is broken. For decades, the Union of Concerned Scientists has demonstrated the costs of diet-related disease, the environmental toll of industrial agriculture practices, and the iron grip corporate giants have on information about what we eat. Government policies have contributed to this mess,

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