Amazon Wind Farm Development Continues

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Published on May 5th, 2015 |by Joshua S Hill The planned Amazon Wind Farm (Fowler Ridge) is continuing development, having now met financial close and is moving ahead on schedule,

New Study: 95% Renewable Power-Mix Cheaper Than Nuclear And Gas

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Published on May 5th, 2015 |by Guest Contributor The cost to the consumer of the 100 % renewable scenario is more or less equal to a scenario close to today’s,

Is This the Future of Sustainable Farming Practices?

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Let’s be honest, even though some people don’t want to admit that farming practices and food choices affect our environment, our health and our future, the current agricultural food system ...

Plastic Pollution = Cancer of Our Oceans: What Is the Cure?

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By now, many people know that the ocean is filled with plastic debris. A recent study estimates that the amount of plastic waste that washes off land into the ocean ...

Is plastic pollution akin to the broken windows theory?

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Home / Analysis & Opinions / Is plastic pollution akin to the broken windows theory? Plastic pollution is back on the agenda at this year’s World Ocean Summit event, and ...

Easy Cheesy Broccoli "Nachos" + Big Dairy-Free News

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I put up my very first post on GoDairyFree.org back in 2004. I had a mountain of researched information and couldn’t help but notice the dairy-free void online. I had ...

10 Reasons To Make Masturbation Part Of Your Wellness Routine

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When we fall in love, we take a leap into thin air. That’s why it’s called falling. I did it at 12 years old; it didn’t take maturity, consent or ...

Are the leftovers from home remodeling trash or treasure?

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Q. I live in an affluent subdivision of 1980s executive-style homes. Over the past few years, many neighbors have updated from the ’80s (kitchens, baths, lights, carpeting, even home exteriors).

Can Big Data Save the World’s Fisheries?

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Big Data – it’s the latest silver bullet that can spot business trends, prevent disease, combat crime, and even revolutionize the health of fisheries. Two large NGOs recently rolled out ...

Shape-Shifting Glass Tubes Give Algae Biofuel A Second Life

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With global oil prices continuing to slide, the algae biofuel field has been looking a little gloomy of late. However, algae companies have been adapting and branching out into nutraceuticals,

Method Opens LEED Platinum Factory in Chicago

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Long credited with putting fun — and sustainability — into home cleaning products, Method has taken a step that goes far beyond “zero waste” and has become the mantra of ...

Sales Of Organic Food Skyrocket

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This past year has found a huge jump in the sales of organic products, especially in non-food organics. What does this news mean? A recent survey from the Organic Trade ...

How technology can unlock sustainable growth

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At the turn of the century, Latin America’s population counted a little over half a billion people. By 2050 that number will have increased another 50%, while global population growth ...

Argentines Crowd Into Organic Food Markets

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BUENOS AIRES — A growing number of Argentines are turning their backs on supermarket fare and flocking instead to food and wine fairs that promote local farming and organic produce.

Eco-Adventure Novel Inspires Kids to Get Outside

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When you picture a middle schooler, or tween, what do you see? A lanky kid with braces on an iPad? Awkward middle school years? What if you pictured a kid ...

Plastic Pollution – Preventing an incurable disease - Algalita

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By now, many people know that the ocean is filled with plastic debris. Â A recent study estimates that the amount of plastic waste that washes off land into the ...

Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity

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The story of renewable electricity powering the Canadian economy is almost as old as the country itself; in 1881, the Ottawa Electric Light Company built the first Canadian hydropower facility ...

Vegan Options to Replace Dairy in Your Diet

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I know. Replace dairy? Are you crazy? Well, worry not. Minimizing or even eliminating dairy in your diet is actually pretty simple. Once you learn the ins and outs of ...

Urban farms now produce 1/5 of the world's food

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Reprinted with permission from Ensia. This story was produced in collaboration with the Food & Environment Reporting Network, a non-profit investigative news organization. Midway through spring, the nearly bare planting ...

Renewable Energy In Latin America Driven By New Wind Records, After Impressive 2014

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Published on May 2nd, 2015 |by Joshua S Hill A new report from MAKE Consulting predicts new installed wind power capacity to set records in 2015 and 2016, following an ...

School Gardens Can Help Kids Learn Better And Eat Healthier. So Why Aren't They Everywhere?

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The case for garden-based learning in schools seems simple, even obvious, at first: What harm could there be in encouraging young children to connect with nature and learn more about ...

How to scale smart cities: what the experts say

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The ODI and Arup hosted an open, smart cities event on 20 April, 2015 bringing together nine speakers and audience from across the public, private and academic sectors. It explored ...

Free Homesteading and Survival Manuals

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Preppers are always looking to learn additional skills and methods for survival. In some cases knowledge comes from reading prepper blogs like the Prepper Journal. Other times, you can obtain ...

SFUSD Wellness Policy Boots Sweetened Drinks

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Anyone wanting to enjoy a sweetened drink at a San Francisco Unified School District campus or administrative building will soon need to bring it from home. That’s because the district’s ...

DIY Home Gardening

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Gardening season is upon us, folks, and more Americans will have green thumbs this year than ever before. Three million more American households participated in home gardening in 2012 than ...

Sweat Green - Eco Friendly Gym Gear

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When you think of helping the environment picking the right gym gear is not usually the first thing that comes to mind, but eco friendly gym gear can be a ...

35 years on, is the deal to protect Antarctica's oceans working?

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On the eve of a summit in Chile to discuss the protection of marine life in Antarctic waters, much still needs to be done to guard against overfishing, climate change ...

Congressman Honda Celebrates Earth Day With Introduction Of Environment Lesgislation

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Washington, DC – In honor of Earth Day, Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA17) has today introduced two pieces of legislation to protect the environment. The Climate Change Education Act of 2015,

Goat Farming & Farm Living!

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Goat Farming & Farm Living with Heidi Gonzales From Tres Rios Farm Host: Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead” Karen Lynn is so excited to interview her good blogging friend Heidi ...

Pete Bethune: Eco-Warrior for the Oceans

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From new tactics to new technologies: The fight to save the world’s oceans Kristin Davis' Elephant-Poaching Doc Shows How You Can Help Save Orphaned Baby Elephants Stories that will inspire ...

On-demand wellness is basically Seamless for your health

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Sure, you can order food or snag a date online. But how about improving your health and wellbeing with the click of a button? We're busy people, and it's difficult ...

Natural remedies for depression from Tiffany Cruikshank

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Tiffany Cruikshank is the smart, cool creator of Yoga Medicine, a method that pairs yoga with holistic health practices to address the modern-life ailments that are constantly creeping up on ...

AeroFarms: Work starts to build world's largest vertical urban farm in Newark

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Company says its system of growing uses 95% less water than growing in a field The Independent's US Digital Editor, based in New York. Previously in Delhi and Washington DC.

Recreational Fishers Party condemns fisheries authority over handling of Geelong Star trawler

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The Australian Recreational Fishers Party says it has lost faith in the fisheries governing body over the handling of the Geelong Star trawler. The 95-metre vessel killed four dolphins and ...

10 Eco-Friendly Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Home

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Featuring fresh takes and real-time analysis from HuffPost's signature lineup of contributors Chemical-based cleaning products have drawbacks: They're pricey, they may trigger health issues and their manufacture, use and disposal ...

From Blight to Beauty: 10 Urban Agriculture Projects in Detroit

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Detroit, once one of the most prosperous cities in the United States, has seen its population dwindle in recent decades as crime rates skyrocket and many of its neighborhoods fall ...

Channeling the Beverly Hillbillies in Cupertino

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As I pulled into the parking lot of Whole Foods Market in Cupertino, California, aka the cradle of the Silicon Valley — the windshield in my ’85 Suburban cracked, two ...

Meet Modern Farmer’s Guest Instagrammer: Door Creek Orchard

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Say hello to Door Creek Orchard in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. They're taking over Modern Farmer's Instagram account for a couple of weeks. Stop by and have a look! There had ...

Actress Abigail Spencer's natural beauty faves

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For actress Abigail Spencer, 33, healthy living is in her blood. Her late father, Yancy Spencer—known as the father of Gulf Coast surfing—lived a life that revolved around the ocean ...

The world's first vegan mini-mall. Yeah, you're in Portland

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Scapegoat Tattoo owner Brian Thomas Wilson, whose latest tattoo is of a wizard done in animal-free ink, moved his parlor to the mini-mall with other vegan business owners in 2007.

My Life in An Intentional Community

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Ever since moving to Portland last year, I had a dream of living in an intentional community — a house or a neighborhood where a small group of friends would take part ...

Golden State Warrior Shaun Livingston Bikes to Work; Says You Should Give It a Shot

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When we found out Shaun Livingston, guard for the Golden State Warriors, bikes to work, we had to know more. Despite being in the middle of the NBA playoffs, Shaun ...

Vietnam cities told that driving down pollution is a matter of car-sharing

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Nam Nguyen is using profits from his taxi firm to spur action on choking traffic in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city Although two-thirds of Vietnam’s population live in rural ...

Deep Blue Sea Blend [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

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Dairy FreeHealthyKid-FriendlyNut FreeRaw VeganSoy FreeSugar Free / Low SugarVeganWheat Free Rich is a world-renown, plant-based ultra-endurance athlete, in-demand public speaker, wellness advocate, #1 bestselling author of “Finding Ultra” and inspirational ...

Bikes vs Cars: why it’s war between cyclists and drivers on city streets

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In Toronto, they’ve painted over the bike lanes. And in São Paulo, a cyclist got his arm torn off by a car that didn’t even stop … We knew it ...

Cream Cheese Bacon Salsa Spread with Black Bean Crackers {gluten-free}

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Can I make a confession?Despite loving great food, if I could eat cheese, crackers and a glass of wine for dinner, I’d be a happy camper.My earliest memories of crackers ...

A manifesto for a more sustainable world

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We can do more than just endure or adapt to climate change, we can tackle it and create a better, more just society in the processFriday 1 May 2015 09.39 ...

Ecotricity boss writes plan to make four fifths of UK power renewable by 2030

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Britain’s wealthiest green energy businessman, Dale Vince, calls for ban on coal-fired power generation, scrapping VAT on electric vehicles, a ‘cow tax’ and moreSunday 3 May 2015 12.12 EDTLast modified ...

21 Must-See YouTube Channels Focused on Food

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Whereas it may always be a great source for funny cat videos, YouTube is quickly becoming a reliable venue for intelligent and informative videos on the food system. From tutorials ...

Gluten Free Gardening: 10 Tips to Get Started This Year

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Have you ever complained that eating gluten free is too expensive? Even fresh produce (especially organic) can be prohibitive for some or difficult to find depending on what your local ...

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