Bangladesh fires up large-scale solar to boost power generation

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DHAKA, Nov 20 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The government of Bangladesh has approved construction of a large-scale solar park as part of a push to increase the share of power ...

EnergySage Named As First Air Quality Champion By American Lung Association

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Having healthy lungs is not simply a matter of just not smoking, as even a nonsmoker living in an area with high air pollution and poor local air quality can ...

139 Countries Could Get All of their Power from Renewable Sources

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Energy from wind, water and sun would eliminate nuclear and fossil fuels Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi have done it again. This time they’ve spelled out how 139 countries can ...

Autumn Dinner Loaf (vegan, gluten-free, oil-free)

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Hey kids! First, thanks for all the enthusiasm about the Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake last week. I guess I’m not at all alone loving healthier dessert. And chocolate. đ˜€ Today ...

YES! Magazine Special Report: Unsurrendered

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As the Paris climate talks approach, the world has received the hopeful news of the demise of the Keystone XL Pipeline project and a ban on oil tankers from the ...

Why Do Oceans of Disposable Plastic Go Unaddressed?

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By now, six million people and counting have viewed this disturbing viral video of a sea turtle in bloody distress as two researchers work to extract a 4-inch plastic straw ...

World's Largest Organic Rooftop Farm Powered 100% by Renewables Opens in Chicago

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Brooklyn-based urban farming company Gotham Greens opened the world’s largest rooftop farm in Chicago, the company announced Thursday. #Chicago is now home to the World's Largest Rooftop Farm! Check out ...

50+ Show-Stopping Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Desserts

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Being gluten free does not mean you are limited in any way. So just put that nonsense out of your mind. The internet is filled with all kinds of recipes ...

The World Could Run Entirely On Wind, Solar, And Hydro Power By 2050

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We can fully get rid of fossil fuels quickly, if countries can just find the political will. In a few decades, the world could be powered by nothing but wind,

Mommy Blog Expert: Baby Nursery DIY Decor Marie Ricci Sweet Deams Ceiling Medallion Available at Buy Buy Baby

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MommyBlogExpert readers who have already seen my newest Pinterest Board Home Decor & Interior Details I Love, already know how much I adore beautiful residential embellishments. So I could not ...

National Community Solar Partnership: 68 Cities, States, & Businesses To Expand Solar Access

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In order to help make solar energy more inclusive, and to bring the benefits of solar out to a larger group of people, those in low- and moderate- income communities ...

Vegan Gluten Free Apple Crisp with Butternut Squash

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Spice up a traditional gluten free apple crisp by making it vegan and healthier with the addition of butternut squash! Topped with a delicate crumble of oats, brown sugar, cocoa ...

Vegan Cranberry Almond Molasses Cookies {gluten-free}

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Healthy Cranberry Almond Molasses Cookies! These tasty molasses cookies are not only gluten free but vegan friendly! Great for the holidays, for snacking, parties, or even breakfast on the go.

Environment: Seismic oil surveys threaten sea turtles

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Marine biologists already know that a number of ocean species are at risk from massive seismic blasting operations used to map oil and gas reserves beneath the ocean floor. A ...

World's Largest Organic Rooftop Farm Powered 100% by Renewables Opens in Chicago

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Brooklyn-based urban farming company Gotham Greens opened the world’s largest rooftop farm in Chicago, the company announced Thursday. #Chicago is now home to the World's Largest Rooftop Farm! Check out ...

The Work to Fully Implement the EU’s Reformed Common Fisheries Policy

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A conversation with Andrew Clayton, who has been the director of Pew’s project to end overfishing in North-Western Europe since July 2015. The project is supporting European Union decision makers ...

Who’s keeping organic food honest?

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We are glad to share Ensia articles free of charge under the terms of Creative Commons’ Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license. Please attribute the writer and Ensia as the original source ...

FDA Asks Comments On "Natural" Food Labeling

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The term “natural” on a product label can be very misleading. Some food and beverages labeled “natural” can contain unnatural ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, which a Center ...

10 People You Will Inevitably Meet In The Wellness World

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At mbg, we live and breathe wellness: green smoothies on Monday mornings, gluten-free beer at happy hours, and team yoga classes. We're not afraid of a few wellness clichés — ...

A Convertible Tote To Offset Terrible Storage On Shared Bikes

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The virtues of bike sharing are great—hop on when you need one, cruise to your destination, park it when you're done, and forget about it. One of the challenges, however,

The Photovoltaic Effect Explained, Using Beer Pong

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You don’t have to know how rooftop solar panels work in order to get the benefits of clean electric power from them, but the more you know about it, the ...

Solar Power Projects Worth $3 Billion Planned In Egypt’s Aswan Region

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Egypt’s grand plans to boost development of solar power infrastructure seem to be taking shape.The Aswan Governorate recently announced plans to set up 39 solar power projects with a total ...

Silly DIY Tools For Urban MacGyvers

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Form Us With Love might be our favorite Swedish design house: talented enough to get away with selling $29,000 Nightlights, yet approachable enough to design the perfect all-purpose chair for ...

UK’s Lightsource Signs 3 GW Solar Power Deal With India

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UK-based project developer Lightsource has announced its expansion into the rapidly growing solar power market of India.Lightsource recently signed an agreement to invest $3 billion to develop 3 GW solar ...

Gamesa Plans 100 MW Of Solar Power In India, Commissions Its First Project

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Gamesa has chosen one of the fastest-growing markets in the world to stage its comeback in the solar power sector.The Spanish renewable energy giant known for its massive footprint in ...

7 DIY Death Stars You Can Build

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Constructing an actual Death Star of your own might not be in the cards unless you happen to be an intergalactic emperor. On the other hand, you could try your ...

Sleek and sustainable prefab home in the Swiss Alps was constructed in just a few days

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The environmentally friendly features of the Montebar Villa, by JM Architecture, are almost as stunning as the view from its front door. Nestled on a hilltop facing the Swiss Alps,

9 Eco-friendly, Upcycled Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

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The great thing about Thanksgiving is that you can still use some of your Halloween decorations and repurpose them for the entire month of November. If you're planning on serving ...

Soil Solutions to Climate Problems

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Narrated by Michael PollanTo learn more visit: http://www.centerforfoodsafety.orgA powerful solution to the climate crisis can be found right beneath our feet—in the soil.By harnessing the immense power of photosynthesis, we ...

Winter DIY Projects

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I often limp towards winter's finish line with a runny nose, dry skin, and numb fingertips. To help myself make it through the season in one warm piece, I went ...


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Permaculture is more than just the latest buzzword; it offers positive solutions for many of the environmental and social challenges confronting us. And nowhere are those remedies more needed and ...

Vermont Company Partners With Rainforest Alliance To Promote Sustainable Logging

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A partnership between a Vermont wood products company and the Rainforest Alliance aims to help preserve biodiversity and improve the local economy in the Petén region of Guatemala. Vermont Edition ...

Smithsonian Zoo’s LEED Gold Asian elephant center is a comfortable eco-friendly home for animals

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Endangered Asian elephants are getting a new lease on life at the Smithsonian Zoo’s LEED Gold-certified Elephant Trails community. Designed for comfort and energy efficiency, the spacious home for elephants ...

Top of the Food Chain: Fine Dining’s Push for Sustainable Seafood

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Spot prawns are the largest shrimp species to be found in the cool murky depths of the Pacific, from Alaska to San Diego, where the leggy creatures burrow in sediment ...


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Permaculture is more than just the latest buzzword; it offers positive solutions for many of the environmental and social challenges confronting us. And nowhere are those remedies more needed and ...

How Renewable Energy Could Make Climate Treaties Moot

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Powering the U.S. and 138 other countries exclusively with wind, water, and solar would solve global warming—and is entirely doable The world is counting on an international climate agreement in ...

Urban farmers find a ‘tunnel’ toward success

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PORTLAND — The Cully neighborhood isn’t one of Portland’s celebrated areas, yet. Crime, poverty and neglected properties leave it a bit rough around the edges. But an influx of self-described ...

ACT in talks to roll out electric vehicle charging network

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The ACT government has revealed plans to roll out a network of electric vehicle recharging stations as part of its effort to slash the territory’s emissions to 40 per cent ...

Incredible Infographic Shows How We Have Ruined Our Oceans

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The oceans cover more than 70 percent of the Earth's surface and contain 97 percent of the Earth's water. But they remain largely a mystery to us. According to the ...

Sprinkling salt on your dinner could add PLASTIC to your meal

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Almost five million tons of plastic is thought to be dumped in the oceans every year and now the waste is even contaminating sea salt, scientists claim. Studying salt manufactured ...

13 Cradle to Cradle products for a safe and eco-conscious home

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Creating a healthy and eco-conscious home is now easier than ever thanks to Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification, a process that verifies a product’s recyclability and safety for human and ...

Renewable Taos Seeks 100% Renewable Energy That Is “Accessible To All”

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Published on November 21st, 2015 | by Rocky Mountain Institute New Mexico is officially known as the “Land of Enchantment.” However, before 1941, the state’s license plates declared New Mexico ...

How can India make smart cities a reality?

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The world is experiencing an unprecedented transition from predominantly rural to chiefly urban living. India is no exception, with its urban population forecast to increase from 410 million in 2014 ...

5 Reasons for Hope on World Fisheries Day 2015

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Picture the world’s oceans once again abounding in fish, as part of a thriving and diverse marine ecosystem that supplies people with an increasing amount of protein rich food. This ...

Real tops organic with permaculture range

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European hypermarket chain Real has revealed it is working exclusively with German supplier Lehmann Natur to develop a range of fresh fruit and vegetables sourced from so-called permacultural production in ...

How to Host a Delicious Dairy-Free Thanksgiving

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Celebrations often revolve around food and Thanksgiving is certainly no exception. Fortunately, there’s no reason for the holiday to be any less spectacular with special diet needs. I’ve got tips ...

24 Cool Kitchen Tools to Give Your Favorite Home Chef

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Say "thank you" to the family member who always ends up cooking the holiday meal with one of these next-level kitchen items. There's the "Ferrari of immersion blenders" (the Electrolux ...

World’s largest rooftop farm sprouts 10 million pesticide-free crops each year

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The world’s largest rooftop farm covers nearly two acres, is run completely on renewable energy, and produces nearly 10 million annual crops of local, premium-quality, pesticide-free, leafy greens and herbs.

Tips For A Sustainable Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner (November 26th, to be exact), which means lots of family time and delicious food. As advocates for sustainability and eco-conscious practices, we are always ...

This Month's Gardening Show Delves In To The Concept Of Permaculture

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Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around working with nature, instead of against it, to foster sustainable systems and lifestyles. Joining us to discuss the ...

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