Oceans are world's seventh largest economy worth $24tn, says WWF report

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Vast economic worth of world’s oceans includes fishing, tourism and shipping but is declining due to pollution, climate change and overfishingWednesday 22 April 2015 18.08 EDTLast modified on Wednesday 22 ...

Want To Be An Urban Farmer? Here's Your Version Of LinkedIn

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No need to stalk potential farm employers. Now they're all in a convenient database. Sick of your desk job? A new job site will help you find a new career ...

Bike sharing comes to Philadelphia, finally! 60 stations with 600 bikes (video)

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Michael Graham Richard (@Michael_GR) Transportation / Bikes April 24, 2015 Yesterday, Philadelphia launched a bike sharing program that has been many years in the making. Our friend Clarence was there,

The 8 most clueless Earth Day tweets from Corporate America

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Well, we’ve made it most of the way through Earth Day, and it’s been a wild success. The World’s Most Unloved Holiday barely beat out Paris Hilton’s dead chihuahua for ...

The World's Oceans Are Worth Trillions Of Dollars, Report Finds

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"The World’s Oceans Are Worth Trillions Of Dollars, Report Finds" The oceans are worth at least $24 trillion in services such as fishing, tourism, shipping and carbon sequestration, but “urgent ...

The Color of Food: America’s Invisible Farmers

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Author Natasha Bowen and The Color of Food cover (Civil Eats) At the height of Black farming in the U.S., a million farmers owned almost 17 million acres of land.

Urban Farmers You Should Know

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What began with community gardens has grown into a movement. Urban farming has a positive impact in neighborhoods with limited access to produce, and it is on the rise in ...

DIY Foot Reflexology: 7 Pressure Points To Reduce Stress & Boost Metabolism

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Your thoughts and visualizations affect the world around you — starting with your body. If your goal is the best possible version of yourself, picture that person mind's eye. Your ...

Sustainable Construction Technologies to Save the Earth

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Without a doubt, green building is on the rise as global trends attest. According to the World Green Building Trends survey, 51 percent of respondent firms committed to incorporating sustainability ...

Washed Up: Alejandro Duran’s Site-Specific Found Plastic and Trash Installations

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Working along a single stretch of coastline in Sian Ka’an, Mexico’s largest federally-protected reserve, artist Alejandro Duran collects countless bits of trash that washes up from locations around the world.

Oceans rank as the 7th largest world economy

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According to a report that estimates the value of key assets of Earth's oceans' at $24 trillion, they rank as the world's seventh largest economy. Are we doing enough to ...

New study shows how discarded plastic bags are smothering marine life

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New research shows that plastic litter can smother marine life, dramatically reducing the numbers of organisms – and compromising the ecosystem services they provide – in coastal marshes. That is ...

A round-the-world scientific expedition will use drones to study plastic pollution

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Scientists circumnavigating the globe on a spartan racing catamaran will spend the coming year deploying drones to collect better data on plastic pollutionThursday 23 April 2015 10.54 EDTLast modified on ...

Vegan Asian Lettuce Wraps {Gluten-Free}

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Carnivores and vegan alike will love these vegan faux chicken lettuce wraps. Brown rice, chickpeas and nuts come together to form a sort of ground meat that soaks up ...

Skindancing - Susan Richardson's poetry for the ecological age

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I recently met Susan Richardson, poet, performer, educator, who lives in Wales but was visiting my local town to recite. She is currently poet in residence for the Marine Conservation ...

Microbeads: A Sign of Our Plastic Consumer Madness

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How much are whiter teeth and smoother skin worth to you? Are they worth the water and fish in the Great Lakes? The cormorants that nest along the shore? The ...

Seven days (almost) living off-grid in London

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Leah Borromeo goes for a week without electricity or gas and discovers the joys of foraging, skip cupcakes and human ingenuity Can a confirmed city-dweller shake the shackles of modern ...

Families Ditch Cars for Cargo Bikes

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When Dave Hoverman, 38, a business strategy consultant in Berkeley, Calif., goes to Costco on the weekends, he ditches his Audi Q7 and instead loads his four children into a ...

Civil Eats interviews Joan Dye Gussow

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The marvelous folks at Civil Eats sat down with Joan Dye Gussow, whose new book is Growing, Older: A Chronicle of Death, Life, and Vegetables, for the following interview. Take ...

Average Costa Rica Family Uses 3,500 Plastic Bottles per Year

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The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Take a drive along Route 27, and at Santa Ana, you’ll notice a big fence made from of bottles trapped in a net with ...

Lentil Apricot Tapenade With Curry Aioli [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

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Amy Height is the founder of From the Ground Up Wellness, a holistic nutrition practice where she helps clients nourish the body they have to uncover the body they want.

The Age of Wind and Solar Is Closer Than You Think

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Renewable energy, spurred by a crisis in climate, may usurp fossil fuels by mid-century SA Forum is an invited essay from experts on topical issues in science and technology. That ...

11 Sustainable Travel Ideas to Consider for Earth Day

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This Earth Day we wanted to take a bit of time to think about the impact that our travels have on the planet. That’s why we asked Nick Aster, publisher ...

Earn a Good Living Without a Tractor: A Market Gardener Tells You How

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Olivia Maki is an Oakland-based writer and blogger who focuses on agricultural and food system issues. She has programmed educational experiences at 18 Reasons, and worked on farms in California ...

Boston, Philadephia, LA on smart cities pitfalls to avoid

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No city can meet its sustainability goals without support from the private sector. Businesses create the lion's share of emissions in any given city — while also supplying the bulk ...

Surreal Photos Show Impact of Plastic Pollution on One of the World's Most Beautiful Places

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Brooklyn-based multimedia artist Alejandro Durán is bringing attention to the devastating environmental catastrophe of global waste and plastic pollution. In this ongoing project, Washed Up: Transforming a Trashed Landscape, the ...

San Francisco introduces free, solar-powered electric vehicle charging

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Charge Across Town had this self-contained solar-powered electric vehicle charging station deployed in San Francisco. Wayne Cunningham/CNETElectric vehicle proponents cite the cars' zero tailpipe emissions and extremely efficient use of ...

Urban Homesteader could help you turn your urban space into a modern homestead

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Derek Markham (@derekmarkham) Living / Lawn & Garden April 23, 2015 This ambitious project aims to teach city folks how to produce their own fresh food, and to work toward ...

Delfast -- 1-Hour Delivery Service On Electric Bikes, In Kyiv (Ukraine)

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Published on April 20th, 2015 |by James Ayre A new delivery service relying entirely on electric bikes — Delfast — launched recently in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv. The service ...

Lester Brown: The Great Energy Transition to Solar and Wind Is Underway

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The worldwide transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy is under way. As fossil fuel resources shrink, as air pollution worsens, and as concerns about climate instability cast ...

The UDOO Neo Adds More Power To The Ultimate DIY Board

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The original UDOO board was pretty amazing. An merging of Raspberry Pi and Arduino, the system let you run a tiny computer on a single board as well as control ...

The Best DIY YouTube Channels to Turn You Into a Fix-It Master

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YouTube is an excellent resource if you want to be handier around the house. Whether you’re dealing with simple repairs or big improvement projects, these YouTube channels offer fantastic video ...

Bamboo Bicycles Are Gaining Popularity Through DIY Workshops

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The eco-friendly, trendy cycle designs are far cheaper when assembled at home. There is, unfortunately, a price we pay in order to move around mother earth in a sustainable fashion.

Organic food sales up 11% 2014 politically geographic diverse shoppers

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Organic is outgrowing its moniker as a specialty category thanks to a double digit increase in sales last year by consumers nationwide of all political leanings and ethnic backgrounds, according ...

French government study: 95% renewable power mix cheaper than nuclear and gas

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A new French government study shows that the cost to the French consumer of a 100% renewable scenario is more or less equal to a scenario close to today’s, with ...

This family produces 6,000 pounds of food per year on 4,000 square feet of land

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Six thousand pounds of food from one tenth of an acre of land just 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles; if you try to do the math, it just doesn’t ...

The problem with translating smart cities to the global South

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Given the the global march to toward urbanization, developing “smarter,” more efficient cities could be among the world’s greatest hopes for a more resilient future. More than half the world's ...

Organic Food Industry Explodes as Consumer Demand Spikes

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Looks like organic food has gone from a new-age trend to a staple in supermarkets and many American diets. According to a new analysis from the Organic Trade Association (OTA),

Health Blogger Who Claimed Veggie-Filled Diet Cured Her Cancer Admits She Never Had Cancer

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"Health Blogger Who Claimed Veggie-Filled Diet Cured Her Cancer Admits She Never Had Cancer" The website for Belle Gibson’s popular healthy lifestyle app, the Whole Pantry A popular Australian wellness ...

5 Reasons to Invest in a Sustainable Warehouse

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The incorporation of sustainable practices into warehouse and distribution center design has provento be a winning strategy for business. Warehouse designs incorporating sustainability alleviate harmful effects on our environment while ...

Belle Gibson: The health food blogger admits she lied about having terminal brain cancer

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The lifestyle writer built an empire around her claim that she cured cancer with healthy food Belle Gibson, the Australian blogger who amassed a huge fanbase after telling people she ...

Easy DIY Gold Flowerpots

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LongLastingScent #CollectiveBias Oh, the smell of spring: it’s in the air!!! One of ...

Tiny plastic, big problem

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Pieces of plastic float here in ocean water. This pollution is a growing problem, and not just because it's ugly: Plastic can kill many kinds of marine life. Plastic bottles ...

How shipping containers are making fresh local produce a reality during bitter winters

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An ambitious attempt to change the way we eat is playing out in a shipping container plopped in a parking lot in Minneapolis. Ryan Sweeney, who owns the container, isn’t ...

Transition Network conference 2015 September 18th - 20th

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After a 3 year gap since our last event at Battersea Arts Centre, the 2015 gathering will bring together delegates from across the worldwide Transition Movement, connecting National Hubs with ...

Japan's floating ‘mega-solar' power plants come online

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You can easily find solar panels on rooftops, in fields and even on a plane, but now solar technology has found another way to leave firm land in the form ...

Natural News Blogs Report on the FDA Hearing on the Regulation of Homeopathic Medicines, April 20, 2015

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Keywords: FDA, health freedom, homeopathic medicine, homeopathic medicines, homeopathic remedies, homeopathic remedy, homeopathy, NPR The FDA hearing on regulation of homeopathic medicine was held in Washington DC on April 20,

Mega Expedition: The Ocean Cleanup, developing technologies to extract, prevent and intercept plastic pollution

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Real Talk: Bikes don’t reduce congestion without bike lanes

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Here's one reason the modern biking boom is great for everyone: more bicycle trips mean fewer car trips, which can mean less congestion for people in cars and buses. But ...

Ghost bikes: A decade of quietly remembering those we lost

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Maybe you've seen them: white bicycles chained to signposts and fences, perhaps even in your neighborhood. They're known as ghost bikes, and serve as somber memorials of tragedy. New York,

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