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Sea changes: The ‘interesting times’ facing European fisheries

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EDFish 6 months ago

By: Erik Lindebo Calm seas or stormy waters? Well, we are only three months into 2017 and, for a number of reasons, it's already looking like a tumultuous year – calling to mind the ancient Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”. Around the world, we are seeing dramatic political shifts. In Europe, Brexit has sent shockwaves through political establishments and, regardless of the final outcomes, we now face years of political uncertainty, and highly complex and no doubt emotive negotiations. Brokering a deal around fisheries will certainly be no exception, if past is prologue; only time will tell ...
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14 Apr
Diane Regas @DianeRegas
Europe needs resilient mgmt systems to secure prosperous fisheries & protect their communities https://t.co/JHl4WE2Q9c cc @bryworthington
21 Mar
EDF @EnvDefenseFund
Sea changes: The ‘interesting times’ facing European fisheries. https://t.co/qwNEEvShcq
20 Mar
Blue Planet Society @Seasaver
RT @ELindebo: Sea changes: The ‘interesting times’ facing European fisheries https://t.co/tgtseeby3Y via @EDFOceans
20 Mar
Tim Fitzgerald @hawaiifitz
The key(s) to building a shock-resistant future for Europe's fisheries https://t.co/2oRSJHv4mz via @ELindebo @EDFOceans_EU
20 Mar
EDF Oceans @EDFOceans
As fish stocks shift with #ClimateChange, applying locally-appropriate research can ease governance challenges https://t.co/hjlT55CAa9