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Composting 101: All About Composting for Beginners

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Gardening Channel 6 months ago

Compost is often called Gardener’s Gold, and rightly so. To a smart gardener, good compost is worth its weight in vegetables and then some. Compost comes in three basic forms: manure, compost, and mulch. All three of these have their advantages. Manure is the easiest to get and often the most practical, in terms of time, but is not always pleasant or socially acceptable. Compost is made by gardeners, usually, and is what we’ll be focusing on here. Mulch, of course, is slow-composting organic matter such as bark, wood chips, straw, and so forth that is most often used as ...
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20 Mar
Turning Clock Back @turningclockbac
We have two compost bins and it's a great way to get rid of kitchen waste. Are you composting this spring? https://t.co/4MgZWao4B8