Urban farmers grow veggies in freight containers

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PHOENIX -- The future of urban agriculture might require farmers to think inside the box. Farmers here are growing vegetables here in converted freight shipping containers equipped with the latest ...

A Montreal Meals-on-Wheels Program is Closing the Food Waste Loop

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The rooftop garden at Santropol Roulant in Montreal looks like any other at first glance, with 40 self-watering containers and a small greenhouse lining the 1,500-square-foot rooftop. Managing a well-running ...

How Millennials Will Forever Change America's Farmlands

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PointCloudCisco and AppDynamics Close Their Blockbuster DealOneTimeElon Musk Wants NASA Bill to Include More Funding for MarsU.S.-Russian relationsFormer Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Once Worked to Advance Putin’s InterestsBroadsheetThe Broadsheet: ...

Bright Spots in a Troubled Food System

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Danielle Nierenberg, N01, founder of Food Tank, forges unlikely alliances in an effort to feed the world. She brings her cause to Tufts on April 1Danielle Nierenberg, N01, could see ...

8 Highlights From The 2017 World Changing Ideas Awards

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There are 192 finalists in the 2017 World Changing Ideas Awards, in categories from health to urban design to food. They run the gamut from internet-connected wells that collect water ...

Celebrating Maryland Agriculture Week

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We just celebrated the 44th National Agriculture Day — March 21 — which recognizes the contributions of agriculture to American society and thanks our farmers for providing us with life’s ...

Fish Poop and Fungi Minifarms Are the Future of Urban Agriculture

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When you picture the quintessential American farmer, what comes to mind? The person you imagine might not look much like the mostly young, stylishly coiffed group of farmers and agricultural ...

Chris Higgins explains why you should you attend the ICCEA in Panama

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Click here to subscribe to our daily newsletterGeneral Manager - Ontario SALES MANAGER - France KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER (Fresh Cut) – France Marketing Manager - Beamsville, Ontario, Canada Key Account ...

Opinion: Encouraging the next generation of American farmers

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By U.S. Senators Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) and Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and U.S. Representative Michael McCaul (R-Texas) According to the latest agricultural census, the average age of the American farmer is ...

Can Ancient Herding Traditions Help Cattle Coexist with Wolves and Sage Grouse?

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From the Field Natalie and I were not hitting it off. In fact, I had become convinced she was trying to kill me. I’m a non-confrontational person, and I don’t ...

Rise of urban gardening

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There has been an explosion of community gardens across Tasmania and the benefits are widespread. Sun beats down on the necks of gardeners attending to their plot.The thud, thud, thud,

Montana agriculture provides abundance all year

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As the days get longer and the weather warms, many of us begin to plan and dream of the upcoming growing season. Warmer seasons for many mean connecting with the ...

Burying Their Cattle, Ranchers Call Wildfires ‘Our Hurricane Katrina’

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“You think you’re done,” he said, “and the next day you got to go shoot more.” For decades and generations, ranching has defined people’s days. Mr. Kaltenbach would wake up ...

GM, Herman Miller Partner on Detroit Waste Diversion

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General Motors (GM) is undergoing a massive office reorganization as it transforms from a conventional automobile manufacturer to what has now become an industry buzzword: a “personal mobility” company. To ...

Wolf pups playing

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Find out why Loading... Loading... Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Jul 26, 2012Wolf ...

Faced with rising seas, French Polynesia ponders floating islands

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We focus on the human and development impacts of climate change After Katrina, flood-prone New Orleans learns to live with water Rains raise harvest hopes in Zimbabwe, pest brings "misery" ...

We Are All in This Together

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Share (Posted Thu. Mar 23rd, 2017) When disaster strikes in rural America, you can always count on a neighbor to pitch in and lend a helping hand.It is who we ...

These floating islands could fight the rise of sea levels

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When former Google software engineer Patri Friedman came up with the idea of building floating islands, he had in mind an unusual buyer: Libertarians, seeking freedom to live beyond the ...

Inside The Computerized Lettuce Factory Of The Future

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Farming, even in its modern, hyper-industrialized form, still relies on some very old-school technology: the sun, dirt, seasons, tractors. It’s all a bit messy and inefficient, at least by the ...

Food plots aren’t just for wildlife

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The wildlife community has learned the value of food plots in their management efforts. Hunting ranches increasingly use food plots, or areas strategically planted to forage to fill nutritional gaps ...

Urban farming takes root in New Port Richey front yards

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NEW PORT RICHEY — "That's Broccoli George's. He started his in 2010," Jim Kovaleski says, walking by 5649 Virginia Avenue. At 5705 Virginia: "This one has only been here a ...

The Built-in Risk of Growth in Government-funded Nonprofits - Non Profit News For Nonprofit Organizations

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March 18, 2017; Detroit Free Press Government grants and contracts have a pattern of fueling unsustainable organizational growth by rarely funding all of the costs associated with the contracted program ...

North Dakota Stockmen's Association and Foundation to aid ranchers...

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BISMARCK, N.D. — The North Dakota Stockmen's Association and North Dakota Stockmen's Foundation are extending support to their cattle-ranching neighbors in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado who suffered catastrophic losses ...

Accentuate the positive — consumers want a happy beef story

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Talk about Canadian beef in a positive way, and consumers will buy and eat more beef. That was a key finding of in-depth research by Canada Beef — and something ...

It’s National Ag Week; PLUS: 5 awesome ranch life perks

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Each year, the official start of spring coincides perfectly with National Ag Week. Just as the weather warms up and green grass and fresh blooms begin to make their first ...

The Future Of Urban Farming Might Actually Be Suburban Farming

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When the urban farming startup BrightFarms first launched, it envisioned building its hydroponic greenhouses directly on grocery store roofs and on vacant city lots. Now, it says that the smartest ...

Why the local food trend will not cut it in a climate change future

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We focus on the human and development impacts of climate change Climate change is a threat – but it won't hurt me, Americans say Biofuels could cut transport emissions – ...

The future of urban farming could be in a shipping container

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GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Urban farming has exploded in popularity over the last few years. People are becoming more conscious of organic foods and wanting to take charge with ...

Is Climate Change the Shock We Need to Make the Switch to Urban Farming?

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The rising demand for food around the globe is prompting the need for both scientists and farmers to deal with failing crop yields as a result of global warming. Steady ...

More than Half of the World’s Primates Disappearing

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More than Half of the World’s Primates Disappearing Embed code Copy and paste the embed code below. The code has been copied to your clipboard. 0:00:00 Scientists who study primates ...

Holistic Grazing in the Arizona/Sonora Borderlands

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Find out why Loading... Loading... Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Mar 19, 2017The ...

Burying Their Cattle, Ranchers Call Wildfires ‘Our Hurricane Katrina’

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“You think you’re done,” he said, “and the next day you got to go shoot more.” For decades and generations, ranching has defined people’s days. Mr. Kaltenbach would wake up ...

5 Online Platforms Helping Future Indoor Farmers

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Editor’s Note: Chris Powers is an entrepreneur, writer, and urban agriculture evangelist who is on a mission to grow and promote environmental technologies. He is particularly focused on the indoor ...

Michigan Urban Farming Initiative seeks funds to build America's first sustainable "agrihood"

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The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI) is looking to strengthen its mission in Detroit's North End neighborhood with the transformation of an abandoned three-story apartment building into a community center.

IKEA Just Released Free Instructions For A Spectacular Sustainable Garden

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This could possibly be the most amazing indoor gardening structure we’ve ever seen, and people all over the world are being encouraged to build one. Show Full Text Space10, a ...

10 Killed in Battle over Grazing Land in Kenya

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South Sudan Buys Weapons Amid Hunger Somalia Demands Probe Into Migrants' Death 10 Killed in Battle over Grazing Land in Kenya Chibok Schoolgirl Speaks Out Against Nigerian Militants Addis-Nairobi Initiative ...

A Small Campus Farm in Indiana Spreads Big Ideas about Urban Agriculture

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February 27, 2017 | Karen Briner A small farm on the campus of Butler University in Indiana serves not only as a living example of the potential for urban agriculture,

Trump just signed an Executive Order that will make our water less safe

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This story was originally published by the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order aimed at unraveling ...

Starting Your Chicks Off Right

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You've ordered your chicks from a hatchery, or succumbed to the cuteness at the feed or farm store (because no one plans to buy chicks from the feed store, right?

The Secret Under Your Feet: Soil

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If you’re new to organic homesteading, you might have the romantic idea that since you are growing food the “natural” way, all you need to do is sow some seeds ...

This area in Detroit is now America’s first 100% organic, self-sustainable neighborhood

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This article is shared with permission from our friends at The Food Revolution Network. Could fresh, healthy, affordable food be the future of urban neighborhood development? In Detroit, Michigan, “the ...

Another way to grow crops

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At a time when many modern farmers face problems like soil erosion, nutrient loss and drought, the black dirt on Doug Palen’s family farm is a field apart: Its health ...

Historic Gift Helps Chile Protect 10 Million Acres

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In a ceremony on the edge of South America’s famed Pumalín Park, Chilean president Michelle Bachelet and the American philanthropist Kristine Tompkins today pledged to expand Chile’s national parkland by ...

Students Give Schurz Food Science Lab a Green Thumbs Up

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Hydroponics farms are hot in Chicago, with new farms sprouting up all over the city. But finding experienced hydroponics workers can be tough, so a local chef decided it was ...

Urban farmers growing produce in freight cars

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The future of agriculture might require Phoenix farmers to think inside the box. “The farm of the future,” joked Mark Norton of Phoenix, whose Picked Fresh Farms grows kale and ...

Celebrate National Agriculture Week one day at a time

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SALEM— Oregonians and citizens across the U.S. are invited to say thanks to those who produce food and fiber for a living as part of the celebration surrounding National Agriculture ...

Property tax breaks aim to help urban farms crop up

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Up and down the state, property owners can receive tax breaks for allowing their unused, and often blighted, urban lots to transform into commercial or noncommercial farms under a law ...

Small-Scale Farming Could Restore America’s Rural Towns

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Boarded-up business districts. Abandoned warehouses. Barns and homes covered by tarps slowly collapsing into the earth. It was startling how often this scene repeated as I drove through the rural ...

How Millennials Will Forever Change America's Farmlands

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department storeHow Macy’s New CEO Plans to Stop the BleedingArtificial IntelligenceBaidu Chief Scientist Andrew Ng Resigns from China Search GiantMergers and AcquisitionsAkzo Nobel Rejects a Sweetened $24 Billion Takeover Bid ...

D.C.’s Urban Farms Wrestle with Gentrification and Displacement

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If you’ve lived or worked in Washington D.C. over the last decade, the scale and pace of gentrification there has been impossible to miss. Over the last decade, the city ...

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