Vitamins and the Failure of Free-Market Health

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A few days ago I found a browser tab open, and I don’t know how it got there. It was a journalistic-looking page that has since been taken down. At ...

ABC: Girl’s Tumor Doubles in Size after Chemo, But Then a Miracle Happens With Holistic Dr Intervention

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The Schulte family says they have returned from Houston, Texas with “huge smiles, grateful hearts and a story that will rock your world.” Nine-year-old Tatum Schulte was diagnosed with osteosarcoma,

Make Wellness Travel a Staple in Company Trips for Happy, Productive Employees

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Business Travel Continue to Next Article Continue to Next Article Healthy cuisine? A massage after a day of meetings? Allergen-free bedding? What can you do to reduce your employees' travel ...

Natural gas is leaking from city pipes, but spotting leaks is getting easier.

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Researchers from Colorado State University have been working with Google Street View to map pervasive natural-gas leaks. These leaks come from pipes that can be buried three-to-four feet below city ...

The Tipping Point Toward Mental Health

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Last week, I witnessed a community collaboration of minds that may show the path to tackling mental illness as a public health problem in the United States. UT Southwestern and ...

The Original Natural Remedy for Burnout: Nature

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Here’s a modern paradox: People report that they feel significantly happier outdoors than they do indoors, yet we spend less than 5 percent of our waking hours in nature. Such ...

SV Health Investors rebranding reflects increased investment in health IT

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The venture capital and private equity investment firm formerly known as SV Life Sciences has changed its name to SV Health Investors to reflect its increased investment in health IT.

For Student-Athletes’ Mental Health (Paid Post by NCAA From

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Pressures can quickly accumulate for young people as they transition from home and high school to life as college students. New academic and personal challenges often coincide with separation from ...

How To Naturally Deal With Depression & Reclaim Your Health

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Hi! I'm Marie You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there. read more Today’s topic is close to my ...

In classrooms, movement enhances mental health

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OMRO - Olivia Juedes focuses intently on her fractions and mixed numbers homework. Below her desk, her feet silently push the pedals of a DeskCycle. The small device's bicycle pedals ...

Joint Health, Canine Arthritis, and Raw Feeding

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Rodrigo and Sydney developed joint issues early in life. I was told that it was because they were mixed breed, rescue dogs. Today, I understand that there are several reasons ...

Ten health benefits of sex

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Sex has numerous physical and psychological health benefits. In exploring just how sex affects the mind and body, the list of potential benefits appears to be endless. Aside from reproduction,

Ten natural treatments for psoriatic arthritis

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Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a form of arthritis that mainly affects people who have psoriasis or those with a family history of psoriasis. Often, those with PsA have joint pain ...

Wearables beware: Without health psychology, digital health design means nothing

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What does psychology have to do with activity trackers, fitness apps and wearables? Everything. Or, at least it should. That’s because technology doesn’t change behavior -- people do. When it ...

Fake Women’s Health Care

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I don’t know if you have noticed it lately or not, but the airwaves and ether zone are bristling with meaningless terms that have become part of the American lexicon.Because ...

Learn 'How Microbiomes Influence Health' April 21

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Fermilab Arts & Lecture Series will present "Invisible Influences: How Microbiomes Influence Health" with Dr. Jack Gilbert of Argonne National Lab and University of Chicago at 8 p.m. Friday, April ...

Climate change's toll on mental health

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Science News from research organizations Date: Source: American Psychological Association (APA) Summary: When people think about climate change, they probably think first about its effects on the environment, and possibly ...

1 year after suicide crisis, Attawapiskat still lacking mental health resources

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More than a year after Attawapiskat declared a state of emergency following a spike in suicide attempts, members of the small indigenous community in northern Ontario say there’s still a ...

An as yet unidentified “holistic” practitioner negligently kills a young woman with IV turmeric (yes, intravenous)

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It was only just yesterday that I recounted the story of a naturopathic quack in Bowling Green, KY who told a cancer patient that “chemo is for losers,” promising her ...

Natural medicine: Urban families explore benefits of the outdoors

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On one of the first hot Saturdays of the year, a crowd of families gathered around Dr. Nooshin Razani near Lake Chabot. They were wilting a bit under the afternoon ...

Health in South Asia

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The BMJ's collection on "Health in South Asia" brings together leading health experts from across the region to discuss health priorities and advance the health agenda for the future. South ...

Wellness Wednesday: Mental Health is Health Too

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Health is often thought of as the outcome of food and fitness, but mental health is health too, and if your behaviors around food and fitness are damaging to your ...

The Office Of The Future Will Be Natural, Chair-less, And Designed For Collaboration

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Office chairs that adjust to your body based on biofeedback. Walls that slide, shift, and change color according to worker needs. Three-dimensional printers that produce food and replicate office supplies.

Biophilic Workplace Design: Plants, Wellness and… Germs.

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This article is part of our ‘workplace design’ series There are various approaches to workplace design. Among the lesser known you’ll find sustainable and biophilic design. Chris Garvin, founder of ...

Beijing shuts last coal power plant in switch to natural gas

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The last large coal-fired power plant in Beijing has suspended operations, with the city's electricity now generated by natural gas, the state news agency reported as smog enveloped the Chinese ...

Consumer Health Digest's Expert Roundup on Healthy Pregnancy Tips 2017

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Pregnancy is an exciting and challenging time where a woman goes through great physical and emotional changes. In order to learn more about these changes and find out can be ...

Immigration crackdowns damage health

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Alondra Garcia will never forget the day that US immigration officers tore apart her family’s house in Ann Arbor, Michigan, looking for her stepfather’s passport. She was 11 years old.

People With Mental Health Problems Need Access To Care

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Many people will be relieved that Congress did not repeal the Affordable Care Act. Whilst those of us with an interest in mental health have a cause to celebrate we ...

The Health Benefits of the Illinois Future Energy Jobs Act

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Drink your heart out: PepsiCo is going on a health kick, but will consumers buy it?

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This article originally appeared on AlterNet. Soda is bad. The sweetened, fixing juice marketed at everyone from teens to the elderly is oft-accused of fattening and killing America, and is ...

Scientific Wellness enhances personalized medicine training

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SPOKANE, Wash. – The Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine is announcing today that its inaugural class will be participating in a cutting-edge Scientific Wellness program provided by Arivale. The ...

Health Benefits of Papayas

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Papayas are native to the tropic of Americas, but it is now cultivated in warm and tropical, semi-tropical zones over the world. It is both nutritious and delicious fruit and ...

Reading, Math and Sushi: Cooking as a Health Lesson

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WITS, now a national nonprofit reaching 50,000 children in four states, is the brainchild of Nancy Easton, who spent 25 years as a teacher, mentor and administrator in the New ...

Is lunchtime meditation the latest wellness craze?

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Although the practice of meditation dates to ancient times, sleek, boutique for-profit mindfulness centers — outfitted with Instagram-worthy interiors, complimentary tea stations and soothing Spotify playlists — have spread like ...

Women’s Health Policies Should Focus on NCDs

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Asia-Pacific, Featured, Global, Headlines, Health, Poverty & SDGs, TerraViva United Nations, Women's Health Her high school years coincided with the women’s movement reaching its peak. She got drawn into thinking ...

Does tough love equate to wellness or destruction?

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Heroin abuse in the United States is reaching epidemic proportions.According to SAMHSA, between 2007 and 2012, the number of Heroin users has doubled from an estimated 375,000 to over 665,000.Additionally,

Natural wonders that will blow your mind

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For all our obsession with man-made wonders, technological advances and increasing urbanisation, nothing compares to the creations of Mother Nature. Vast cave systems, wild desert landscapes and breathtaking waterfalls all ...

Bill Gates starts new project using satellites to help people after natural disasters

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Bill and Melinda Gates have teamed up with Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, to set up a new project that seeks to encourage the sharing of satellite data.The multi-million ...

Natural Medicine Makes Strides in Connecticut

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In the late 1990s, Barbara H.’s substance abuse came to a head. “My life fell apart because of my addiction,” says the 61-year-old New Haven woman, who asked that her ...

Why Wellness In The Workplace Is The Future of Business, According To This Inspirational CEO

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As businesses transform by integrating psychology into the workplace, employees are becoming more motivated than ever before. Some people view wellness in the office environment as a fad--nothing more than ...

Use technology, wellness programs and a hands-on approach to engage millennial patients

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Tech-savvy millennials view healthcare through a different lens than previous generations, so providers that want to better reach this population must adapt to their expectations and worldview. For starters, millennials' ...

Why bad science is plaguing health research

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In his new book, NPR reporter Richard Harris picks through a problem that may corrode the future fortunes of health research if it isn’t fixed: the reproducibility crisis. As a ...

7 reasons why cannabis will dominate the wellness world in 2017

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1/8This week on The Plus Factor, we’re talking about an herbal ingredient earning a blazing reputation in the wellness world: marijuana. Remember when cannabis had a not-so-healthy image? (Think red ...

Tips for entrepreneurs on global health care

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Imagine a vaccine vial with a temperature-sensitive label that changes color when exposed to excessive heat. That technology can make a huge difference for doctors working in challenging conditions, allowing ...

Well-being or Wellness

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Some people use complementary health approaches in an effort to promote general well-being or wellness, rather than to help manage symptoms of a health problem. Research sponsored by NCCIH suggests ...

4 Secrets to Improving our Health and Mental Health

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4 Secrets (hiding in plain sight) to Improving our Health and Mental Health An excerpt from: Improving Mental Health: Four Secrets In Plain Sight, by Lloyd I. Sederer, MD On ...

The Holistic prevention, management and treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome:The Nutritional Supplement Chlorophyll and Probiotics In TCM

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By Kyle J. Norton Health article writer and researcher; Over 10.000 articles and research papers have been written and published on line, including world wide health, ezine articles, article base,

The Holistic prevention, management and treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome:The Life Style Modification(Part I) In TCM

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By Kyle J. Norton Health article writer and researcher; Over 10.000 articles and research papers have been written and published on line, including world wide health, ezine articles, article base,

The truth about turmeric and the wellness bloggers who swear by it

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It starts innocently enough. You see a couple of turmeric lattes on Instagram, thanks to a recipe posted on Goop. Then, a YouTube videoposted by British Vogue features the perennially ...

Play/Outdoor Exercise for Optimal Health & Wellness with Darryl Edwards of Primal Play

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Darryl Edwards is the founder of Primal Play, a program that aims to rediscover the joy of movement through activities society usually identifies with kids. Before this, he was a ...

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