NATO Renewable Energy To Penetrate Into Russian Petro-State

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February 23rd, 2017 by Susan KraemerRenewable energy companies from three EU member nations, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands have just announced they will finance and build a total of 735 ...

Jammu & Kashmir Announces 450 Megawatt Rooftop Solar Power Target

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February 22nd, 2017 by Saurabh MahapatraThe Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir has set a target for setting up rooftop solar power capacity by 2022. The Jammu & Kashmir Department ...

Solar jobs soar as Maryland prioritizes renewable energy

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Matt McDonough and his crew rolled up to the Brookly Park home around 8 a.m., unloaded their ladders, harnesses and tools, and got to work tiling another roof with solar ...

Wind Power Becomes America's Largest Renewable Resource

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Wind power overtook hydropower to become the biggest source of renewable electric capacity in the U.S. in 2016 and is now the nation's fourth-largest energy source overall, according to figures ...

States Lead the Way Toward 100% Renewable Energy

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Lawmakers in California and Massachusetts have recently introduced bills that would require their respective states to get all of its electricity from renewable energy sources. California Senate leader Kevin de ...

Powering into the Future with Renewable, Reliable Power

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We depend on electric power like we do the air. Without electricity our society could not function. For something so important, we all benefit from learning a bit more about ...

Wind and solar power are disrupting electricity systems

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But that’s no reason for governments to stop supporting them ALMOST 150 years after photovoltaic cells and wind turbines were invented, they still generate only 7% of the world’s electricity.

Strange Bedfellows? Oil And Biofuel Lobbies Teaming Up To Fight Electric Cars

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5496057A biofuels lobbying group wants to bury the hatchet with the oil industry so they can team up to fight against electric vehicle subsidies. The two industries have been at ...

Coalition not interested in coal, just stopping new wind and solar

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The Government isn’t really interested in funding new coal fired power stations, it wants to destroy investment in renewable energy and the agencies responsible for driving the transition away from ...

Dragon’s Guide To A 100% Renewable Home

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February 19th, 2017 by Chris DragonIn Part 2, we talked about heating hot water with electricity with a goal of supplying 100% of that electricity with solar panels. Remember, we ...

Editorial: Expand use of renewable energy by utilities

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You must sign in or register to continue reading content. By The Herald Editorial Board Ten years ago, Washington state voters, recognizing the imperative need to address climate change and ...

Tata Power Renewable Energy crosses 10.5GW solar with 15MW installation

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India’s largest renewables company Tata Power Renewable Energy (TPREL), has crossed the 10.5GW solar deployment mark with a 15MW installation in the state of Telangana. TPREL, a subsidiary of Tata ...

Why The US Army, Navy, & Military Veterans Love Solar Power & Electric Vehicles

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February 18th, 2017 by Steve HanleyOriginally published on Solar Love. Donald Trump says he wants to create American jobs, but he is cool to the idea of renewable energy, which ...

California introduces its own 100% renewable energy bill

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Massachusetts recently introduced a bill to derive 100 percent of the state’s energy from renewables, and now California is following suit. A new bill introduced by state Senate leader Kevin ...

How South Australia can function reliably while moving to 100% renewable power

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Despite the criticism levelled at South Australia over its renewable energy ambitions, the state is nevertheless aiming to be carbon neutral by mid-century, which will mean moving to 100% renewable ...

2017 Could Be A Tipping Point For Corporate Wind & Solar Deals In Australia

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February 17th, 2017 by Guest ContributorOriginally published on RenewEconomy. By Sophie Vorrath Contracting for renewable energy development by big corporate energy users – as a way to keep a lid ...

Move Over, Hydro: Wind Is Now The U.S.’ Biggest Renewable Energy Source

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Here’s to another solid quarter for U.S. wind power: According to the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) freshly released fourth-quarter report, the sector just had its second-strongest quarter ever for ...

How South Australia can function reliably while moving to 100% renewable power

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Despite the criticism levelled at South Australia over its renewable energy ambitions, the state is nevertheless aiming to be carbon neutral by mid-century, which will mean moving to 100% renewable ...

Chemists improve batteries for renewable energy storage

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Because the sun doesn't always shine, solar utilities need a way to store extra charge for a rainy day. The same goes for wind power facilities, since the wind doesn't ...

Record Wind & Solar Keep The Lights On In NSW As Coal & Gas Went Missing

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February 17th, 2017 by Giles ParkinsonOriginally published on RenewEconomy. Oh, the irony. NSW is one of the most coal-dependent states in Australia, with renewable energy contributing less than 10 per ...

Solar Power In New York Jumps 795%

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State-supported solar power projects in New York increased nearly 800 percent from December 2011 to December 2016 says the state’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo. 64,926 installations were in place by the ...

Wind Surpasses Hydroelectric as Top U.S. Renewable Energy Source

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For decades, hydroelectric dams served as the United States’ top source of renewable energy. But last year, wind power took the top spot, according to a new report by the ...

Labor re-embraces 50% renewable energy goal by 2030

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The Australian Labor Party appears to have done a rapid back-flip on its renewable energy backflip, with leader Bill Shorten insisting that Labor remains committed to 50 per cent renewable ...

Oil exporter Saudi starts hunt for solar, wind firms

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RIYADH (AFP) -The world's biggest oil exporter on Monday took the first step towards a goal of generating 9.5 GW of energy through solar and other renewable means. It invited ...

Renewable Energy Mandate Proves Effective In Michigan

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State renewable portfolio standards (RPS), which require regulated utilities to procure a certain amount of clean energy, have been a major driver of renewables development across the U.S. Highlighting that ...

Wind power sets new record for electricity supply in US

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Wind energy briefly supplied more than half of all electricity demand for a group of 14 states in North America on Sunday February 12, a first for any US power ...

Former President Carter leases 10 acres of his farmland to build 1.3-megawatt solar power station

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PLAINS — Former President Jimmy Carter’s advocacy for renewable energy is rooted in this tiny community, and on Wednesday those roots bore the fruit of a 1.3-megawatt solar energy station ...

Michigan meets renewable energy targets

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Feb. 16 (UPI) -- All electric service providers in Michigan met their renewable energy targets, with wind contributing most to the green economy, a public commission found. "The combined efforts ...

Australia positioned to be renewable energy superpower

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The old joke says the questions in economics exams don't change from year to year, but the answers do. Welcome to the economics of energy and climate change, which has ...

World's biggest oil exporter Saudi starts hunt for solar and wind firms

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The world's biggest oil exporter on Monday took the first step toward a goal of generating 9.5 gigawatts (GW) of energy through solar and other renewable means. It invited local ...

The state of residential solar power

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Don't panic, but we will need to generate approximately 15TW of usable energy from renewable (carbon-neutral) sources by 2050 in order to stabilize the atmospheric CO2 concentration. And purely in ...

New Interactive Tool Shows ‘The Evolution Of Wind Power’ Around The World

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A new interactive web tool created between the Global Wind Energy Council and renewable energy software company Greenbyte allows users to witness The Evolution of Wind Power between 1981 and ...

Saudi Arabia launches 300MW solar power tender

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Saudi Arabia has launched the first stage of a 300MW solar power tender. The process is being managed by the ministry of energy, industry and mineral resources through a new ...

Nevada rallies push for increased renewable energy

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CARSON CITY — Supporters of renewable energy rallied at both ends of the state Monday to support efforts in the Nevada Legislature to promote solar and other renewables as a ...

Texas GM factory commits to wind energy

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The General Motors plant in Arlington, Texas makes more than 1,000 SUV’s a day. While these vehicles tend to burn more gas, the plant where they’re made will be entirely ...

Wyoming GOP Introduces Bill That Penalizes and Outlaws Wind and Solar Energy

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(EnviroNews Wyoming) — Cheyenne, Wyoming — In the second week of 2017, nine Republicans submitted Senate Bill 71 to the Republican-dominated Wyoming legislature — a bill that would outlaw and ...

SPP wind power sets penetration record, serving 52% of load one day

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The Southwest Power Pool has set a new record for wind penetration, serving 52.1% of its load with the renewable generation at one point on Feb. 12. The figure tops ...

Which companies are vying for renewable energy funding in SA?

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Updated February 22, 2017 07:10:18 Related Story: Latest wind farm could kickstart renewable energy push Related Story: Solar power battery storage 'would have prevented SA blackout' Related Story: Solar farm ...

Leading companies make business case to go 100% renewable

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LONDON: Leading global companies have confirmed the strong business case for sourcing 100% renewable electricity in the newly published RE100 Annual Report 2017. RE100, led by The Climate Group in ...

Renewable Energy Won’t Change the World (SSIR)

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“Everything must change,” says Tancredi Falconeri in Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s novel The Leopard, “in order that everything can remain the same.” And what was true for the Sicilian aristocracy ...

Almost 90% of new power in Europe from renewable sources in 2016

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Renewable energy sources made up nearly nine-tenths of new power added to Europe’s electricity grids last year, in a sign of the continent’s rapid shift away from fossil fuels. But ...

Victory: These Two Cities Just Committed to 100% Renewable Energy

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Pueblo, Colorado and Moab, Utah, this week became the 22nd and 23rd cities in the U.S. to commit to transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy. The Pueblo City Council ...

Renewable energies — European Environment Agency

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The Seventh Environment Action Programme (7th EAP) supports the EU’s objective of meeting the 20 % renewables target by 2020. The Renewable Energy Directive specifies that, by 2020, 20 % ...

Researchers show US grid can handle more offshore wind power, cutting pollution and power costs

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Injecting large amounts of offshore wind power into the U.S. electrical grid is manageable, will cut electricity costs, and will reduce pollution compared to current fossil fuel sources, according to ...

Countries Leading the Charge for Renewable Energy

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For the past 8 years, the United States has been one of the main contributors for the push for renewable energy.However, with the election of President Trump, America may be ...

New North American Wind Power Record Set In Central United States

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February 14th, 2017 by Joshua S HillA new record for the penetration of wind energy was set by grid manager Southwest Power Pool in the central United States, with 52.1% ...

OPEC’s Top Producer Is Turning to Wind and Solar Power

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The nation most identified with its massive oil reserves is turning to wind and solar to generate power at home and help extend the life of its crucial crude franchise.

China Is Now The World’s Largest Producer of Solar Power

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DonateUnlike fossil fuels, which use finite resources that could eventually become too expensive to retrieve, solar power, along with other renewable energy sources, is generally unlimited in availability. Solar power ...

California demand for wind power energizes transmission firms

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LOS ANGELES A firm controlled by Philip Anschutz, the billionaire entertainment and pro sports magnate, will soon build the largest wind farm in the United States to serve utilities in ...

Ethanol expansion: Mo. Department of Agriculture to offer grants to state fuel retailers to install biofuel infrastructure

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The Missouri Department of Agriculture is accepting applications for the 2017 Extended Biofuel Infrastructure Partnership (BIP) grant program to accelerate the use and availability of higher blends of ethanol fuel ...

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