DIY Network could save Aretha Franklin's girlhood home

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MEMPHIS — Aretha Franklin's deteriorating childhood home may have found an unlikely savior in cable TV, activists working to preserve the house said Thursday. The DIY Network, a Knoxville-based, Scripps ...

Polka Dot Furniture Makeover. Upcycle furniture.

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Shares 68This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine. Don’t you love a perfectly decorated home? I have a lot of ...

National Reading Month: 20 DIY Bookmarks for Kids

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In honor of National Reading Month, I’d love to share DIY bookmarks. My nine year old loves reading, which I am thankful for. She also loves making her own cool ...

The new LCD Etch A Sketch Freestyle can’t shake off the lies

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Remember Etch A Sketch? Remember spending hours honing your fine motor skills in turning the knobs and dials, trying to perfect tracing over the lines? Remember never letting anyone into ...

degré auxiliary radiator by accent wraps you in a thermal bubble

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degré smart radiator by accent wraps you in a thermal bubble belgian industrial designers tim defleur and benjamin helle, from accent, know the struggles of getting the radiator or air ...

Teen inspires first transgender doll

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The Tonner Doll Company has made the world's first transgender doll It is based on transgender teen advocate, Jazz Jennings (CNN)Like any other girl, 16-y old Jazz Jennings always loved ...

MGAO proposes two-sheds residence in melbourne, australia

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MGAO proposes two-sheds residence in melbourne, australia developed by australian architecture studio MGAO, the project is a private residence in yarrambat town within melbourne’s ‘green belt’. the site itself is ...

Positive Deviance

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Overview of Positive Deviance for Training 2014 and Training 2016. ALso assorted webinars and the occasional #lrnchat. 27 Pins526 Followers...even though they have access to the same resources as the ...

Pinterest Announces Expansion of Promoted Pins into New Markets

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After seeing success with their DIY Promoted Pins option in the North America and the UK, Pinterest has announced that they’re expanding Promoted Pins to three new regions - Ireland,

5 Green Business Ideas for Profit and the Common Good

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Starting a conventional business today is pretty tough – on the one hand, competition is exorbitant, on the other hand, more and more people are sick of being mere consumers.

Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug Review: Fun. but not essential

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Technology offers plenty of ways to smartify your home. Some prefer the DIY approach—cobbling together an array of NFC antennae and some Arduino boards to make the coffee maker deliver ...

IKEA Lab Releases Open-Source Plans for DIY Spherical Garden

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Fresh off winning the “Design of the Year” for their refugee housing solution, the “Better Shelter,” IKEA is again making waves for a pioneering, flat pack solution to societal needs.

60 white street loft building preservation in tribeca, NY

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1860's loft building reimagined as a biophilic + passive edifice in tribeca, NY located in the heart of tribeca, manhattan, 6o white street marries high-end design and craftsmanship with an ...

Pet Dental Health Starts at Home

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Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month? It’s not a sexy topic, but it’s oh so important when it comes to our pets’ overall health. Here ...

Realness of the Year: Periods

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2/22/17 2/22/17 This is the year of menstrual realness. Half of humanity has had to deal with having periods since the beginning of time, and women are fed up with ...

Make sure guests never miss your house with these numbers

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If you’d like for someone to visit you, it’s quite helpful if you have the house number displayed somewhere on your premises. Rather than simply rely upon someone reading the ...

Lookbooks: How to Use High-Quality Lifestyle Photography to Boost Sales

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You’re not just selling a product. You’re selling a lifestyle. If you sell any kind of aspirational lifestyle product, those words probably ring true. Whether it’s clothing, cosmetics, footwear, or ...

Free Class in Austin, Texas: Zine Making Workshop (March 11)

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FREE Zine Making Workshop presented by Crustacean Zine Library and the Oh Shit! What Now? Collective. Zines are independently-produced, small-press publications created in the spirit of DIY and resistance to ...

Many of us ignore critical home maintenance for safety

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Proper home maintenance can preserve your home, while saving you money and headaches in the future. However, a new survey from Erie Insurance conducted by Harris Poll reveals Americans have ...

Love Yourself, Too

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Valentine'S Day QuotesQuotes LoveFriendly Valentine SFavorite Valentine SLove YourselfEco FriendlyValentines DayFavorite Valentine's Day Quotes: Love Yourself, Too Green ValentineRoses ValentinesValentines DayPrinted FlourHand PrintedScreen PrintedTowel HandmadeHandmade RosesTowel EcoTea Towel Screen Printed ...

Gifts for People Who Love “Fixer Upper”

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I don’t know what it is about Chip and JoAnna Gaines and their show “Fixer Upper” that makes me into such a fan girl. I usually hate all things on-trend ...

Which Weekend Projects Have the Biggest Return on Investment?

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These DIY home improvements could help your home sell faster – and for more money! The following is a guest post by Erin Vaughan from Modernize Lace up your work ...

The 7-step process to make your mixes translate to any speaker

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If you’re producing your own songs in your home studio, chances are you’ve run into this particular problem: Your song doesn’t sound the same on every speaker system. Making your ...

Homemade Thin Mints: Made with Just 3 Simple Ingredients

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Homemade Thin Mints: 3 simple ingredients come together to create a taste the replicates the famous cookie. Raise your hand if you love Girl Scout Cookies? Mine is raised–well, kinda!

Dragon’s Guide To A 100% Renewable Home

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February 19th, 2017 by Chris DragonIn Part 2, we talked about heating hot water with electricity with a goal of supplying 100% of that electricity with solar panels. Remember, we ...

DIY Travel Guide to Yangon, Myanmar

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Posted at 03:08h in Asia, DIY Travel, Travel Blog Myanmar, formerly and today also still known as Burma, is rapidly becoming a new travelers hotspot in Southeast Asia. Justly, as ...

21 Eco-Friendly and Romantic Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

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Eco Friendly Valentine SEco Valentine S3 PerfectPerfect PlacesTime MopingFriendly Valentine'SRomantic DinnersA RomanticFirst DatesEco-Valentine's Day Tip: Cook a Romantic Dinner Wire ValentinesValentine BbqCountry ValentineValentines Gifts For HerHearts ValentinesValentines CraftsHappy Valentine SCelebrate ...

This is how you can transform your simple home into a smart home in 2017

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Won't it be cool if you go to bed without fear of burglars breaking into your house while you are asleep and wake up on time to a pleasant room ...

CD Baby hopes to be back working today after database issues took site offline

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DIY distribution firm CD Baby says it hopes to have its platform back online later today, after its site went down late last week. It’s not entirely clear what caused ...

For your Arizona spring-training trip, a baseball butler and online Cactus League guides can help

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Baseball fans who want an edge on spring-training travel to Arizona might consider staying at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. The period hotel has added something new to its roster ...

8 Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades to Make This Year

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Green is in! Environmentally conscious buildings reduce the carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. Not only that, but they also focus on reducing energy ...

organization ideas to make your life simpler

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There is no part of me that considers myself to be an organizational guru.I do try, but I’m just not the most organized person I know.That doesn’t mean I don’t ...

The renter's guide to smart-home tech

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There's a lot that's tempting about smart-home tech, but if you don't actually own a home, you might feel like your hands are tied. After all, the last thing you ...

Make Homemade Bath Bombs: Green Tea and Lavender Recipe

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Shares 7Fizzing bath bombs are just so luxurious! They are so pretty and then they smell and feel great in a nice hot tub. They can be a bit pricey ...

How to Throw an Elegant Budget Neutral DIY Baby Shower

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Bellyitch Rewind Last April, I threw a DIY baby shower for my baby sister who is expecting her second child, a baby girl. With a limited budget, I was able ...

Top 3 Trends Driving Change for the Events Industry

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Events are becoming a powerful tool around the world to create brand loyalty, introduce products, and generate revenue for organizations. Insomniac's wild success with EDC style events around the United ...

Star Trek: TOS Bluetooth® Communicator

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Shop by Category Clothing Clothing T-Shirts Tank Tops & Fitted Tees Polos & Button-Ups Women's Tops Dresses & Skirts Sweaters & Cardigans Hoodies Jackets & Outerwear Activewear & Swimwear Robes ...

The cassette revival needs blank tapes

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From the shelves of Urban Outfitters to the celebratory Cassette Store Day, tapes are in the middle of a renaissance. But the return of the humble cassette isn’t just hipster ...

Green branding for Millennials

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Editor's Note: Look out for more branding and marketing tips from Katie Dubow of the Garden Media Group and other experts in the February 2017 issue of Garden Center magazine.

Sensational Strawberry Recipes for National Strawberry Day #NationalStrawberryDay

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Do you love strawberry recipes as much as I do? In New York, prime strawberry season is typically late May/early June, but National Strawberry day is February 27. If strawberries ...

Watch: Here's a Simple DIY Light Box You Can Make out of Household Items

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If you've got a few of these things lying around at home you can build yourself a nice DIY light box. Working as a commercial filmmaker can be taxing, namely ...

21 Eco-Friendly and Romantic Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

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Learn more at postconsumers.comEco Valentine SEco Friendly Valentine SFriendly Valentine'SAmazing ViewLove 3EnjoyEco-Valentine's Day Tip: Enjoy an Amazing View Together Learn more at postconsumers.comEco Valentine SEco Friendly Valentine SValentines ValentinesdayFriendly Valentine'SGreen ...

DIY Heart Potato Stamp

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Want a simple Valentine’s Day activity? Make my DIY heart potato stamp. They’re a great way to use those old potatoes sitting around in your vegetable bin! #ImWithGlad Hi there!

chiara mazzocchi captures inner processes through self-portrayals

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chiara mazzocchi captures inner processes through self-portrayals italian photographer, director and performer chiara mazzocchi’s artistic research is conceptually humanistic. her work explores performance and visuals through conscious inner processes. therefore,

Home Feeling Cramped? Look Up!

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Storage can be beautiful! Take a look at these decorative ideas that will free up living space. By Lea Schneider When there just doesn’t seem to be enough room for ...

50 Fireplace Makeovers For The Changing Seasons and Holidays

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Winter, spring, summer or fall, there are so many ways to revamp and redo the mantles. And with these 50 fireplace makeovers you’ll learn how to design and decorate for ...

This 4-Ingredient Kombucha Recipe is Easy DIY Fermented Goodness

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Making kombucha in your own kitchen is an easy and nutritious way to reap health benefits associated with fermented foods. This kombucha recipe is super simple. With just four ingredients,

Interesting maps

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Learn more at reddit.comUsa RedrawnRedrawn BasedRae MapEconomic ConnectionsNelson RaeMaps AmericasUsa EconomyToday BasedMap UsaUSA - redrawn based on economic connections by Nelson & Rae #map #usa #economy Learn more at encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.comAll ...

The Simple Growing Method Takes Center Stage!

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Raised Row Gardening has certainly come a long way! What started as a simple method for us to try to garden smarter, and not harder – raised row gardening has ...

12 Natural Home Remedies for Toothaches

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In my experience, a toothache can pop up when you least expect it or when it’s most inconvenient. That’s why having a few options for home remedies for toothaches can ...

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