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Mayans Have Farmed The Same Way For Millennia. Climate Change Means They Can't

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Dionisio Yam Moo stands about four-and-a-half-feet tall, and his skin is weathered from years in the tropical sun. A "proudly Mayan" farmer, he grows corn, beans and vegetables on a ...

New mercury threat to oceans from climate change

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Rising temperatures could boost mercury levels in fish by up to seven times the current rates, say Swedish researchers. They've discovered a new way in which warming increases levels of ...

Vegetarian diets are not going to save the planet from climate change

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“The world should just switch to a vegetarian/vegan diet.” — seemingly everyone, regarding the food-sustainability problem If someone offers a solution to the Gordian Knot of food sustainability, run it ...

California Schools Cut Meat, Cheese From Lunches To Fight Global Warming

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Oakland schools partnered with the environmental group Friends of the Earth (FOE) to fight global warming by making student lunches climate-friendly. FOE gave kids a lunch menu designed to eliminate ...