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How Sustainable Agriculture Advocates Can Take Action in 2017

favicon National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
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With a new president and the 115th Congress recently sworn in, farmers and sustainable agriculture advocates around the country have been asking: What does this new Administration and Congress mean ...

Jenga Mwendo Strengthens Community Through Gardening in New Orleans

favicon Civil Eats
12 mentions8 hours ago
Two years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Jenga Mwendo saw potential for rebirth in an overgrown lot in the Lower Ninth Ward, where she’d grown up. Calling on residents’ ...

Growing Agrihoods: The Next Frontier in Urban Revitalization

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49 mentions2 weeks ago
The way a city uses and reuses space has a powerful impact on its identity and economy. While some cities are experiencing a development boom and others a building slump,

The Dairy Industry Takes on Alternative Milks

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Not long after the egg industry tried to put an end to Hampton Creek’s use of the word “mayo,” a new battle is being waged over a term that increasingly ...

By 2030 Megacities May Devour More Than 86 Million Acres of Prime Farmland

favicon Modern Farmer
15 mentions3 weeks ago
A recent study by a group of scientists from around the world finds that by 2030, sprawling mega-cities will squeeze out productive farmland, especially in Asia and Africa, putting a ...

Want A 13-Acre Organic Farm? All You Have To Do Is Write An Essay

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It is, we assume, the dream of many readers (and writers and artists and gardeners and...well...just about everyone who's reading this site probably) to someday own a little organic farm ...

Food Policy in the Balance

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If the past two weeks are any indication, federal policies that have been the status quo for years are now vulnerable to a stroke of the new administration’s pen. And ...