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Building a Sustainable Food System, One Campus at a Time

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Since 2009, the powerhouse University of California system, whose 10 campuses contribute over $46 billion to the state’s economy, has included sustainable foodservice guidelines to its expansive Policy on Sustainable ...

Finding Faith on the Farm

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Photography by Lindsay Clark IT IS A MARK OF MY PRIVILEGE that I have gentleman-farmer pretenses. Only someone who doesn’t produce food for a living could so fetishize the attendant ...

Seeking an American Dream in Farm Country

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A version of this article was originally published at as part of their Food Justice Voices series. You can tell it’s blueberry season in Hammonton, New Jersey, when the ...

Talking Rural Farms and Art with Iowa's Poet Laureate, Mary Swander

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Mary Swander is the Poet Laureate of Iowa. She is the author of numerous books, poetry and plays. The plays, based on hours of conversations with Iowans, draw on an ...

For Seed Rebels, Saving Life’s Building Blocks Has New Urgency

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A few years back, Carol Deppe, a retired geneticist and plant breeder, started selling and giving away seeds as an act of revolt. Deppe, like gardeners and farmers around the ...

Down the Rabbit Hole

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Photographs by Aliza Eliazarov Clean, quiet, and easy to raise, these little critters might be the next big thing in sustainable meat. All ears? We've got the low-down on hare ...

Best-Laid Plans: Kreeky Tree Farm

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IN 2013, Christin Gangi and Allan Schanbacher put a significant chunk of their savings toward the purchase of seven acres in northeastern Pennsylvania. Situated amid the foothills of the Blue ...

Restore Rural America with Small-Scale Farming

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Boarded-up business districts. Abandoned warehouses. Barns and homes covered by tarps slowly collapsing into the earth. It was startling how often this scene repeated as I drove through the rural ...

D.C.’s Urban Farms Wrestle with Gentrification and Displacement

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If you’ve lived or worked in Washington D.C. over the last decade, the scale and pace of gentrification there has been impossible to miss. Over the last decade, the city ...

A Montreal Meals-on-Wheels Program is Closing the Food Waste Loop

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The rooftop garden at Santropol Roulant in Montreal looks like any other at first glance, with 40 self-watering containers and a small greenhouse lining the 1,500-square-foot rooftop. Managing a well-running ...

Can Organic Food Prevent a Public Health Crisis?

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Is organic food better for us? A growing number of scientific studies suggest that it is. And now, the latest evidence to support this claim is a new report from ...