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Students at Norwich University build CASA 802

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After Kim covered the Wheelpad, Professor Tolya Stonorov of Norwich University in Vermont wrote to say “hey, look at us!”- they have built CASA 802, described as a “334sf affordable ...

Desert Rain House gets Living Building Challenge Certification

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The Living Building Challenge is one tough building standard, probably the toughest in the world. There have not been a lot of buildings completed that have made it through, and ...

Familiar layout gets the modern treatment in this bright tiny house (Video)

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Though many tiny homes typically have a rustic feel to them, we've admittedly got a soft spot for those with a modern aesthetic. This stylish specimen comes from Australia's Designer ...

How a 1/2 acre urban garden became a hub for many more

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From a 23 year old food forest to a 215 square foot cabin, Happen Films have produced some wonderful examples of people living closer to the land. As is always ...

A Nissan Leaf-based eco-hearse is cleaning up the funeral industry

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Some time back, I wrote a whole bunch of posts about how to green your funeral. One thing that there didn't seem to be much control over at the time,

The principles behind designing a backyard food forest

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Remember that awesome video showing the first three years of a backyard food forest? Even with the slideshow explaining how Dan from Plant Abundance turned a litter-strewn yard into an ...

60% of primate species now threatened with extinction

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Already, some species of lemurs, monkeys and apes are down to a population of a few thousand individuals, warn the authors of a comprehensive new report. Are we really going ...

Norway wants tourists to slow down and travel more sustainably

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Cruise ships and Disney's 'Frozen' have led to crowds of unprecedented size, about which Norwegians are not entirely happy. Most countries would love to attract more tourists, but Norway rather ...

Hip hop is used to teach kids about gardening

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This innovative education model gets kids rapping, planting, and cooking in marginalized neighborhoods of London. Music is a universal language, but until last week, I never imagined it could be ...

​Baugruppen: It's a cooperative living concept, and it's perfect for boomers

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What's the best model for housing the boomer generation? This is a group that's mostly healthy, and many are pretty well off. We recently showed a house designed for boomers,

'The Smog of the Sea' is Jack Johnson's new film about plastic pollution

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There's no such thing as a giant floating garbage patch. The reality is much, much worse. Musician Jack Johnson has released a 30-minute film called The Smog of the Sea.