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Whale found dying off coast of Norway with 30 plastic bags in its stomach

favicon The Telegraph
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Scientists in Norway found more than 30 plastic bags and other plastic waste inside the stomach of a whale stranded off the coast. Wardens had put the whale down after ...

Scientists discover pollution 10,000 meters below the ocean’s surface in the Mariana Trench

favicon Washington Post
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Scientists have discovered the presence of chemical pollutants in some of the ocean’s deepest trenches, previously thought to be nearly untouched by human influence. In fact, they’ve found levels of ...

"A Plastic Tide" film depicts shocking plastic pollution worldwide

favicon TreeHugger
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Sky News has launched an Ocean Rescue campaign with an excellent 45-minute film that puts the serious plastic problem into perspective. “The ocean where life on Earth began is being ...

From sea to plate: how plastic got into our fish

favicon the Guardian
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It’s enough to make you cry over your moules frites. Scientists at Ghent University in Belgium recently calculated that shellfish lovers are eating up to 11,000 plastic fragments in their ...

The oceans are losing oxygen, posing growing threats to marine life, scientists report

favicon Washington Post
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A large research synthesis, published in one of the world’s most influential scientific journals, has detected a decline in the amount of dissolved oxygen in oceans around the world — ...

Snail makes journey hundreds of miles north as oceans heat up

favicon The Independent
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Tropical fish and other marine species have been discovered hundred of miles further north in waters from California to the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic, according to a new study.

'The Smog of the Sea' is Jack Johnson's new film about plastic pollution

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There's no such thing as a giant floating garbage patch. The reality is much, much worse. Musician Jack Johnson has released a 30-minute film called The Smog of the Sea.