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If Trump wants an easy policy win, he should focus on funding smart cities

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Two decades after social scientists coined the term “smart cities,” the dream of tech-enabled communities has yet to come to fruition. But Donald Trump’s presidency could prove a turning point ...

Watch Umberto Eco Walk Through His Immense Private Library: It Goes On, and On, and On!

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When Umberto Eco died last year at the age of 84, he left behind a sizable body of work and a vast collection of books. He wrote such hefty and ...

Using Natural Gas to Reduce Energy Poverty

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Life without access to energy is simply miserable. The most mundane task, such as heating water to cook rice, can require an entire day’s labor to gather both water and ...

What Rural Alaska Can Teach the World about Renewable Energy

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From Ensia (find the original story here); reprinted with permission. March 6, 2017 — I flew into Unalakleet, Alaska, on a late fall day. With about 700 people, Unalakleet is ...

Smart cities must be people-centered, equitable cities

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Technology has always been a critical force deeply intertwined with the evolution of cities. From the first human settlements millennia ago to the industrial revolution to today, technological breakthroughs have ...