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The director of A Cure for Wellness on the unforgettable dental scene

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A Cure for Wellness is one of the most peculiar studio films of recent memory. Director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Ring) uses a decadent 146-minute runtime to ...

VanMoof's new bike-hunting team is chasing down stolen bikes across Europe

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The bike hunter’s first mission was successful, but it wasn’t easy. He spent 12 hours tracking a customer’s stolen bike around Paris before it became clear the bike was on ...

A Cure for Wellness is a smart thriller made for dumb people

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Warning: mild spoilers follow. There’s a moment pretty early in Gore Verbinski’s A Cure for Wellness when it seems the movie will end with some sort of twist. I’d normally ...

Power to the Pedal: 2 New E-Bikes for Your Commute

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Here’s the hottest gear for hitting the road, no matter the season. 1. Bell Pro Star Carbon Helmet | $1,300 All helmets protect your skull. This one protects your brain.

Using Natural Gas to Reduce Energy Poverty

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Life without access to energy is simply miserable. The most mundane task, such as heating water to cook rice, can require an entire day’s labor to gather both water and ...

Smart cities must be people-centered, equitable cities

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Technology has always been a critical force deeply intertwined with the evolution of cities. From the first human settlements millennia ago to the industrial revolution to today, technological breakthroughs have ...

Revel co-founder’s new startup aims to build a web of authentic identities

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As people continue to think about how the rise of “fake news”, psychometric big data, and other developments in the tech world could have influenced big elections this year, a ...

Scientists Develop a "Better Way" to Produce Renewable Hydrogen

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Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have developed a “better way” to make hydrogen using renewable energy according to a paper published this month ...

The new LCD Etch A Sketch Freestyle can’t shake off the lies

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Remember Etch A Sketch? Remember spending hours honing your fine motor skills in turning the knobs and dials, trying to perfect tracing over the lines? Remember never letting anyone into ...

Movie execs hired a fake news creator to promote A Cure for Wellness

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Entertainment studio Regency Enterprises hired a fake news creator to generate viral buzz for its new film A Cure for Wellness. According to BuzzFeed, the studio launched five local fake ...

GM’s Maven car sharing service makes its way to Atlanta

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GM’s Maven car-sharing service has now launched in Atlanta, its 17th North American city, where it’ll offer a fleet of 50 cars spread across 20 pick-up locations. Maven launched in ...

GM is deploying over 100 electric Chevy Bolts for its car-sharing service in LA

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Maven, General Motors’ year-old car-sharing service, is adding over 100 all-electric Chevy Bolts to its fleet in Los Angeles, the company announced today. It’s not a surprise, because according to ...

How to Support Renewable Energy (and Why You Really Should)

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Earlier this month came the news that China plans to invest $361 billion into renewable energy projects over the next three years. A few days later, President Barack Obama penned ...

Watch Umberto Eco Walk Through His Immense Private Library: It Goes On, and On, and On!

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When Umberto Eco died last year at the age of 84, he left behind a sizable body of work and a vast collection of books. He wrote such hefty and ...

If Trump wants an easy policy win, he should focus on funding smart cities

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Two decades after social scientists coined the term “smart cities,” the dream of tech-enabled communities has yet to come to fruition. But Donald Trump’s presidency could prove a turning point ...