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How a climate-friendly flour company built a flourishing market

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Shepherd’s Grain sells not only high-quality flour made from wheat grown with no-till practices. It also sells the story of no-till, a farming method that eliminates the significant climate-warming carbon ...

Oceans Are Losing Oxygen. Here’s Why That’s a Big Problem

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Why the local food trend will not cut it in a climate change future

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We focus on the human and development impacts of climate change Climate change is a threat – but it won't hurt me, Americans say Biofuels could cut transport emissions – ...

Europe's renewable energy revolution

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More than 2km down a dark tunnel deep inside a Norwegian mountain, a drilling machine is boring out holes in the rock. It’s part of a major project that will ...

States Lead the Way Toward 100% Renewable Energy

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Lawmakers in California and Massachusetts have recently introduced bills that would require their respective states to get all of its electricity from renewable energy sources. California Senate leader Kevin de ...