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Green Home Initiatives and Cutting Expenses: What to Know

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One of the most popular recent trends in housing and real estate has been rise of energy-efficient homes. Home builders and buyers alike have started to consider implementing these “green ...

25 Ways for Your Small Business Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

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Reducing the carbon footprint of a small business can help it save money. Besides the money-saving benefits, adopting greener work ethics, means a business will be regarded as an eco-friendlier ...

20 Home Improvement Franchise Opportunities

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Home improvement projects are on the rise, as more and more homeowners give their properties a facelift to reap higher levels of equity. According to a new report from Harvard’s ...

20 Ideas for Earth Day Promotions

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Earth Day is just around the corner. And for businesses, the holiday offers some unique promotional opportunities. Whether you sell eco-friendly products in a retail setting or run a service-based ...