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Edible Ecosystems Dayschool with Shift Bristol

favicon Permaculture magazine
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Permaculture magazine Thursday, 16th March 2017 An inspiring and informative day of workshops on edible ecosystems, facilitated by the Permaculture Association, in partnership with Permanent Publications and Shift Bristol. The ...

How to Meet the Soaring Demand for Organic Food

favicon EcoWatch
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Despite the rapid growth of the organic food industry, U.S. production lags significantly behind consumer demand. A new report from the Environmental Working Group shows that with modest reforms to ...

Local gardener, Seacoast Permaculture organizer gets statewide award

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BARRINGTON — Amy Antonucci of Barrington received The Northeast Organic Farming Association of NH's Leading Gardener of The Year Award on Jan. 28.Each year, NOFA-NH recognizes the best of the ...

Envision Festival Powered By Renewables & “Leave No Trace” Principles

favicon CleanTechnica
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February 23rd, 2017 by Scott CooneyThe Envision Festival, taking place this week along the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is one of those things that I’ve often dreamt of,

Is organic always better? It’s not as clear-cut as you might think.

favicon Grist
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This story was originally published by Fusion and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. It’s easy to think that buying organic food helps to support local ...


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Posted: Thursday, March 16, 2017 9:54 pm I am very heartened by the new uprising of energies in Yankton. People from all walks within the community seem to be authentically ...

Organic Farming Isn't the 'holy Grail' of Sustainable Agriculture, Study Finds

favicon Fusion
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It’s easy to think that buying organic food helps to support local communities and protect the environment from the heavy hand of big agriculture. But the reality is not so ...

How To Decolonize The Permaculture Movement

favicon The Huffington Post
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About a year ago, I posted an article in the Huffington Post detailing some of the reasons why I thought permaculture had become a "gringo" movement irrelevant to the majority ...

Rescue Mission garden growing the community

favicon Panama City News Herald
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The goal of the garden is to make the Rescue Mission self-sustaining for food and teach clients how to create their own gardens. The mission also plans to sell surplus ...

Colorado farmers going organic to meet rising demand

favicon The Denver Post
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Colorado consumers show with their pocketbooks their desire for organic foods. An increasing number of Colorado farmers are working to ensure stores and farm stalls are stocked to meet the ...

Arid land to a fertile Eden: permaculture lessons from Portugal

favicon the Guardian
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The land undulates upwards into gentle hills, cradling nooks of fertile terraces growing sweetcorn, sunflowers and tomatoes, before rolling down into tranquil lakes. It looks like a natural Edenic paradise ...

À Guengat, ils relancent en permaculture le site des fruits rouges

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Solenn Gallo et Gaëtan Le Meil viennent de s’installer à Kermoal, Guengat, sur le site des fruits rouges abandonné depuis quinze ans. Ils organisent un stage autour de la permaculture ...

Want A 13-Acre Organic Farm? All You Have To Do Is Write An Essay

favicon Modern Farmer
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It is, we assume, the dream of many readers (and writers and artists and gardeners and...well...just about everyone who's reading this site probably) to someday own a little organic farm ...

London couple’s permaculture business blooms in rural Wexford

favicon The Irish Times
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Fiona and Malcolm Falconer gave up a hectic London lifestyle in search of a different way of life. And, after finding themselves in rural Wexford, they started their organic permaculture ...

This giant warehouse farm says it can grow 100 times more greens per square foot than traditional farms

favicon Business Insider
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For centuries, American farmers have grown produce with soil, sunlight, and water. A new farm, called Bowery, says it has found a much more efficient place to grow: inside a ...

Permaculture takes organic gardening to the next level

favicon The Plaid Zebra
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Photo by Claire Gregory, Creative Commons BY: TIM O’NEAL Organic food and farming has seen a huge increase over the past ten years, and for good reason. Farming and gardening ...

In Print: The Permaculture City: Regenerative Design for Urban, Suburban, and Town Resilience

favicon Urban Land Magazine
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The Permaculture City: Regenerative Design for Urban, Suburban, and Town Resilience Toby Hemenway Chelsea Green Publishing 85 North Main Street, Suite 120 White River Junction, VT 05001; July 2015.

Panama City Rescue Mission holds ribbon-cutting ceremony for new permaculture garden

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They also have 15 fruit trees growing, chickens, and they used 500 pounds of grouper as a compost. The mission's leaders said the grouper compost is great for the vegetables.

Teton Valley teacher brings passion to permaculture

favicon Teton Valley News
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Teton Valley is home to many organic and biodynamic farms, but this year Full Circle Education is offering a multi-weekend course for people who want to be immersed in the ...

Free Online 'Intro to Permaculture Course'

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Andrew Millison - course tutor Thursday, 2nd March 2017 Oregon State University is offering for the third (and maybe last) time, the 4-week online Intro to Permaculture course that is ...

A Permaculture Paradise for Hampton Bays?

favicon East End Beacon
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There was a time when the idea of a Green Revolution meant an increase in crop yields through use of fertilizers, pesticides and hybridization of seeds, but the green revolution ...