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How to Meet the Soaring Demand for Organic Food

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Despite the rapid growth of the organic food industry, U.S. production lags significantly behind consumer demand. A new report from the Environmental Working Group shows that with modest reforms to ...

States Lead the Way Toward 100% Renewable Energy

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Lawmakers in California and Massachusetts have recently introduced bills that would require their respective states to get all of its electricity from renewable energy sources. California Senate leader Kevin de ...

Germany Converts Coal Mine Into Giant Battery Storage for Surplus Solar and Wind Power

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Germany is embarking on an innovative project to turn a hard coal mine into a giant battery that can store surplus solar and wind energy and release it when supplies ...

Kenya Joins Growing Fight Against Plastic Pollution

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Kenya just became the latest country to ban plastic bags. According to Environment Cabinet Secretary Judi Wakhungu, "The ministry has banned the use, manufacture and importation of all plastic bags ...

Whale Found Dead With 30+ Plastic Bags in Its Stomach

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Norwegian zoologists have discovered some 30 plastic bags and other marine debris inside the stomach of a malnourished 20-foot Cuvier's beaked whale. The whale was an adult male that weighed ...

Microplastics in Oceans Outnumber Stars in Our Galaxy by 500 Times

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The United Nations is "declaring war" on the biggest sources of planetary pollution—ocean plastic. On Thursday, the intergovernmental organization's environment program (UNEP) launched its #CleanSeas campaign at the World Ocean ...

The Most Unexplored Habitat on Earth Is Packed With Pollution

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By Jason Bittel In Disney's latest animated release, titular character Moana and a demigod named Maui dive to the bottom of the ocean to do battle with a giant, David ...

Victory: These Two Cities Just Committed to 100% Renewable Energy

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Pueblo, Colorado and Moab, Utah, this week became the 22nd and 23rd cities in the U.S. to commit to transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy. The Pueblo City Council ...

Wind Power Becomes America's Largest Renewable Resource

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Wind power overtook hydropower to become the biggest source of renewable electric capacity in the U.S. in 2016 and is now the nation's fourth-largest energy source overall, according to figures ...

Microfibers: The New Plastic Pollution That Threatens Our Waters

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A new movie is putting pressure on the clothing industry to address a major emerging threat to aquatic life. Grounded in mounting scientific evidence, the 2-minute animated movie from the ...