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If Trump wants an easy policy win, he should focus on funding smart cities

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Two decades after social scientists coined the term “smart cities,” the dream of tech-enabled communities has yet to come to fruition. But Donald Trump’s presidency could prove a turning point ...

Putting wellness in personal financial wellness solutions (VB Live)

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Your customers already know eliminating their morning Starbucks isn’t really going to solve their many financial challenges. To learn how you can deliver more meaningful and productive financial wellness solutions ...

In Portland, Uber launches initiative to add electric vehicles to its fleet

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With a new electric vehicle initiative, Uber is finally speaking Portland’s language. The company shares a rocky history with the famously green city, but that won’t stop Portland from becoming ...

A new on-demand battle is speeding toward the U.S.

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While Uber’s woes take center stage in the U.S., a different on-demand battle that’s been playing out in China is coming to the states. The battle isn’t over car sharing.