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Calfee Design Bamboo E-Bike, Anyone?

favicon CleanTechnica
4 mentions1 month ago
March 16th, 2017 by Nicolas ZartOK, so let’s say a folding fat-tire electric bike hasn’t won you over and you’re still wondering why, oh why, they can’t make an eco-friendly ...

SA has already reached its 2025 renewable energy target

favicon ABC News
8 mentions2 weeks ago
Updated April 10, 2017 10:09:38 Related Story: SA to spend $500m to take control of state's energy market Renewable energy production in South Australia has hit the state's target almost ...

Cops confiscate hundreds of illegal e-bikes in Manhattan

favicon am New York
10 mentions4 weeks ago
Police in Manhattan confiscated 247 illegal motorized bicycles in the borough on Wednesday during a targeted safety blitz. “Pedestrians, bikers & motorists are safer because we took these illegal electric ...

How drones are helping design the solar power plants of the future

favicon the Guardian
41 mentions2 months ago
At the edge of a plot of muddy farmland, a few miles down the road from the University of California at Davis, an engineer takes a few quick steps across ...