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Natural Resources Defense Council

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I’m honored to stand for climate action and the protection of our rights to clean air, safe water, and healthy communities at the Women’s March on January 21. The following ...

Infographic: More Workers In Solar Than Fossil Fuel Power Generation

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Energy Renewable energy has made impressive strides in the U.S. in recent years. According to a new report from the U.S. Department of Energy, solar power employs more people than ...

Hip hop is used to teach kids about gardening

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This innovative education model gets kids rapping, planting, and cooking in marginalized neighborhoods of London. Music is a universal language, but until last week, I never imagined it could be ...

Protect the environment, reject Pruitt: Our view

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Much of the debate over human-caused climate change has been focused on whether the threat has been overestimated. But what if the threat has been underestimated? Scientists are constantly being ...

US solar power employs more people than oil, coal and gas combined

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Solar energy in the US employs more people than traditional coal, gas and oil combined, a report has found, in a revelation that could undermine Donald Trump’s argument that green ...

Solar jobs soar as Maryland prioritizes renewable energy

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Matt McDonough and his crew rolled up to the Brookly Park home around 8 a.m., unloaded their ladders, harnesses and tools, and got to work tiling another roof with solar ...

SPARCC: Igniting Sustainable, Equitable Community Development

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I anticipated that relief and joy would be my overriding emotions today in announcing the communities in which SPARCC—the Strong, Prosperous and Resilient Communities Challenge—will invest. But I find that ...

Pollution Has Worked Its Way Down To The World's Deepest Waters

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The Mariana Trench in the northern Pacific is the deepest part of the world's oceans. You might think a place that remote would be untouched by human activity. But the ...