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Ticks Are Killing 70% Of New England’s Baby Moose—Here’s Why

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I was a little skeptical—how could such a small parasite take out an animal that weighs up to 1500 pounds? It didn’t make sense. Coming from my dad, who has ...

Pink Himalayan Salt vs. Normal Table Salt—Which Is Healthier?

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(Whether you're starting your first garden or switching to organic, Rodale’s Basic Organic Gardening has all the answers and advice you need—get your copy today!) There are two main types ...

How a climate-friendly flour company built a flourishing market

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Shepherd’s Grain sells not only high-quality flour made from wheat grown with no-till practices. It also sells the story of no-till, a farming method that eliminates the significant climate-warming carbon ...

Exactly What I Ate To Get My Blood Sugar Under Control For Good

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For instance, while adding some cream and sugar to a cup of coffee might not be a big deal for some people, Rupp often downed 10 cups of coffee a ...

The Coming Agricultural Crisis—And 8 Things You Can Do About It Right Now

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The next generation of agriculture—especially young farmers, who are far from retirement—may be the key not just to our food security, but to the future of the planet. It is ...

Millions Of Women In Poverty Can’t Afford Tampons—This Company Is Changing That

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(Sign up for our FREE newsletter to get clever kitchen tricks, gardening secrets, and more delivered straight to your inbox!) It’s upsetting—and even shocking—that every woman in America doesn’t have ...

Teacher Raises $80,662 to Buy Bikes for Every Student in Her School

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Within six months, she'd raised more than $80,000 through GoFundMe. This past Thursday, each Pepperhill student received a bike or trike to go with their new donated helmets and bike ...