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Vegetarian diets are not going to save the planet from climate change

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“The world should just switch to a vegetarian/vegan diet.” — seemingly everyone, regarding the food-sustainability problem If someone offers a solution to the Gordian Knot of food sustainability, run it ...

Power to the Pedal: 2 New E-Bikes for Your Commute

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Here’s the hottest gear for hitting the road, no matter the season. 1. Bell Pro Star Carbon Helmet | $1,300 All helmets protect your skull. This one protects your brain.

Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world

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38 mentions2 weeks ago
As a sustainable lifestyle blogger, my job is to make conscious consumerism look good. Over the course of four years Instagramming eco-friendly outfits, testing non-toxic nail polish brands, and writing ...

Trump’s Budget Assault on the Environment Packs a Wallop

favicon Common Dreams
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Published on by The Progressive Donald Trump’s first budget makes his antipathy to the environment clear—and his love for fossil fuels and nuclear power even clearer. In addition to slashing ...

Scientists Develop a "Better Way" to Produce Renewable Hydrogen

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Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have developed a “better way” to make hydrogen using renewable energy according to a paper published this month ...

Improving Company Culture Starts With Wellness

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Health and Wellness Surveys show that employees in wellness programs are 12 percent less likely to experience health issues caused by work-related stress.

Why Wellness Should Be on Your Company Culture Checklist

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Inspiring Your Team A great company is one that values your health, happiness and future growth.

Historic Gift Helps Chile Protect 10 Million Acres

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In a ceremony on the edge of South America’s famed Pumalín Park, Chilean president Michelle Bachelet and the American philanthropist Kristine Tompkins today pledged to expand Chile’s national parkland by ...

Netflix has built a DIY personal trainer that will make you earn your binge-watching

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Netflix, the tech company that enabled a generation of couch potatoes to “Netflix and chill,” has released instructions for a Netflix-themed personal trainer that connects to your streaming-video account. The ...

Deepest Place on Earth Contains 'Extraordinary' Pollution Levels

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In a surprise finding, scientists say the amount of pollutants in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench—one of the most remote locations on Earth—is so high that it outpaces the amounts ...

How to Support Renewable Energy (and Why You Really Should)

favicon Scientific American
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Earlier this month came the news that China plans to invest $361 billion into renewable energy projects over the next three years. A few days later, President Barack Obama penned ...

In China, dairy companies are training chefs to bring on the butter, cheese, and cream

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It’s well documented that a vast proportion of the Chinese population is lactose intolerant, but that’s not stopping China’s consumers from spending more of their disposable incomes on dairy, particularly ...

State Claims: We Own the Wind — Taxing Renewable Energy “Out of Existence”

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Shortly after they realized the potential for wind energy creation in Wyoming, renewable energy companies began constructing turbines on private property and then selling the clean power they generated to ...

Renewable Lies And The Deception Of Dutch Commuters

favicon Zero Hedge
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Submitted by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog, It’s been a while since the Automatic Earth featured an article from Energy Matters, the site run by our longtime ...

China’s “Uber for bikes” startups are being taken for a ride by thieves, vandals, and cheapskates

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First it was the taxi-hailing wars. Then it was the on-demand service wars. Now, China’s internet industry is watching another money-burning battle unfold between rival startups. Within the past year ...