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City to Offer Workshop on How to Raise Backyard Chickens

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The city of Berkeley, California is hosting a free workshop on April 23rd about how to raise chickens in your backyard. Since urban farming is becoming increasingly more popular because ...

We need a “slow food” movement for higher education

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The academy has moved to the fast lane. Corporatization has sped up the clock, compromising teaching, scholarship, and collegiality. The “slow movement”—originating in slow food—challenges the frantic pace and homogenization ...

What Rural Alaska Can Teach the World about Renewable Energy

favicon Scientific American
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From Ensia (find the original story here); reprinted with permission. March 6, 2017 — I flew into Unalakleet, Alaska, on a late fall day. With about 700 people, Unalakleet is ...

ABC: Girl’s Tumor Doubles in Size after Chemo, But Then a Miracle Happens With Holistic Dr Intervention

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The Schulte family says they have returned from Houston, Texas with “huge smiles, grateful hearts and a story that will rock your world.” Nine-year-old Tatum Schulte was diagnosed with osteosarcoma,

Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world

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38 mentions1 month ago
As a sustainable lifestyle blogger, my job is to make conscious consumerism look good. Over the course of four years Instagramming eco-friendly outfits, testing non-toxic nail polish brands, and writing ...

California is getting so much power from solar that electricity prices are turning negative

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The extraordinary success of solar power in some pockets of the world that combine sunshine with high investment in the technology mean that governments and energy companies are having radically ...

China’s “Uber for bikes” startups are being taken for a ride by thieves, vandals, and cheapskates

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First it was the taxi-hailing wars. Then it was the on-demand service wars. Now, China’s internet industry is watching another money-burning battle unfold between rival startups. Within the past year ...

Trump’s Budget Assault on the Environment Packs a Wallop

favicon Common Dreams
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Published on by The Progressive Donald Trump’s first budget makes his antipathy to the environment clear—and his love for fossil fuels and nuclear power even clearer. In addition to slashing ...

'More for less': Renewable power surges into mainstream as costs fall

favicon The Christian Science Monitor
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—Solar panels and wind turbines are often seen as a luxury that only a small amount of the world can consider as a way to generate electricity. But renewable energy ...

Performance angst is putting eco-conscious Germany off electric cars

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Germany, the land of diligent recyclers, is often lauded for its eco-credentials, and its ambitious “Energiewende,” the government’s plan to wean the country off coal and nuclear power. However, as ...

This Small Island Nation Makes a Big Case For Protecting Our Oceans

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It stands to reason that if you protect the ocean, ecosystems will thrive. Now, scientists have hard data to back up that logical assumption, thanks to a sweeping study of ...

One of China's top bike-sharing startups is now paying users to ride its bikes

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Over the past year in China, a sudden surge of “Uber for bike” startups made commuting easier than ever by scattering thousands of bikes across cities for people to find ...

Historic Gift Helps Chile Protect 10 Million Acres

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In a ceremony on the edge of South America’s famed Pumalín Park, Chilean president Michelle Bachelet and the American philanthropist Kristine Tompkins today pledged to expand Chile’s national parkland by ...

Straw Wars: The Fight to Rid the Oceans of Discarded Plastic

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Of the eight million tons of plastic trash that flow every year into the world’s oceans, the plastic drinking straw is surely not a top contributor to all that tonnage.

Netflix has built a DIY personal trainer that will make you earn your binge-watching

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Netflix, the tech company that enabled a generation of couch potatoes to “Netflix and chill,” has released instructions for a Netflix-themed personal trainer that connects to your streaming-video account. The ...

Patagonia’s venture fund is trying to find the next Patagonia by looking at startups’ supply chains

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Patagonia’s venture capital arm, Tin Shed Ventures, likes to finance companies Silicon Valley investors won’t touch. That’s why Phil Graves, the fund’s managing director, thinks its investments will succeed: “We’re ...

In China, dairy companies are training chefs to bring on the butter, cheese, and cream

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It’s well documented that a vast proportion of the Chinese population is lactose intolerant, but that’s not stopping China’s consumers from spending more of their disposable incomes on dairy, particularly ...

State Claims: We Own the Wind — Taxing Renewable Energy “Out of Existence”

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Shortly after they realized the potential for wind energy creation in Wyoming, renewable energy companies began constructing turbines on private property and then selling the clean power they generated to ...

The UK's grid is so overrun with renewable power, it may pay wind farms to stop producing it

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Generating electricity from the sun and wind is great for the planet, but the infrastructure necessary to deal with these intermittent power sources is tricky. Too much or too little ...

Arduino’s New CEO, Federico Musto, May Have Fabricated His Academic Record

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For years, the humble Arduino microcontroller—a cheap, open source, midnight-blue circuit board emblazoned with a tiny white infinity loop—has been a favorite tool of the DIY electronics crowd. Developed in ...

Why Wellness Should Be on Your Company Culture Checklist

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Inspiring Your Team A great company is one that values your health, happiness and future growth.