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California is getting so much power from solar that electricity prices are turning negative

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The extraordinary success of solar power in some pockets of the world that combine sunshine with high investment in the technology mean that governments and energy companies are having radically ...

At This Supermarket, The Produce Section Grows Its Own Produce

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6 mentions7 days ago
At the end of the produce aisle in the Metro supermarket in Berlin, an indoor farming company is testing the ultimate in local food: Greens and herbs are growing inside ...

This Small Island Nation Makes a Big Case For Protecting Our Oceans

30 mentions2 weeks ago
It stands to reason that if you protect the ocean, ecosystems will thrive. Now, scientists have hard data to back up that logical assumption, thanks to a sweeping study of ...

Tunisia bans disposable plastic shopping bags

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In an effort to reduce plastic waste, shoppers will no longer be able to get single-use bags at supermarkets. If you happen to be shopping for groceries in Tunisia, you ...

Trump Can’t Stop This: Global Renewable Energy Booms

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Welcome to our first international climate action update, where we take a moment each month to remember that Donald Trump is not the president of the world — and celebrate other countries’ ...

Stunning drops in solar and wind costs turn global power market upside down

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Stunning drops in the cost of wind and solar energy have turned the global power market upside down. For years, opponents of renewable power, like President Donald Trump, have argued ...