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California got 50 percent of its electricity from solar power one day in March

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Every so often we hear of countries around the world (ahem, Scotland) that are hitting major renewable energy milestones. Whether it be from solar power or wind power or a ...

How Plastic Bottles Benefit ExxonMobil

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America has a dangerous and deadly addiction to plastic. If recent trends in New York State are any indication, it’s not going away anytime soon, thanks in part to multi-million-dollar ...

The Original Natural Remedy for Burnout: Nature

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Here’s a modern paradox: People report that they feel significantly happier outdoors than they do indoors, yet we spend less than 5 percent of our waking hours in nature. Such ...

Tunisia bans disposable plastic shopping bags

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In an effort to reduce plastic waste, shoppers will no longer be able to get single-use bags at supermarkets. If you happen to be shopping for groceries in Tunisia, you ...

Online database maps ocean pollution and its effect on animals

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A group of German scientists has compiled findings from 1,267 studies in an effort to make information accessible to the public. There is no away. Garbage trucks do not make ...

9 ideas for an eco-minded Easter

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This spring holiday is usually marked by meats and sweets, but there are some ways to make it easier on the environment. Happy Easter! Spring is in the air, the ...

Swedish shopping center sells only refurbished second-hand items

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This brilliant update on the thrift store model includes DIY repair classes, organic food, and a drop-off zone for unwanted items. Sweden has created the thrift store of your wildest ...

High anxiety: Can living in a tall building cause depression?

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For those who live in population centers where the built environment can best be described as squat, pancake-like or uniformly horizontal, a trip to a skyscraper-laden city can be an ...