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How NASA and the UN are using location intelligence to build smart cities in developing countries

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For smart cities to succeed, they require real-time, location-based strategies, solutions and responses to effectively deliver the services that make cities work. These include everything from health and education to ...

New Deforestation Hot Spots in the World’s Largest Tropical Forests

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|PrintWhere is deforestation worsening around the world? It’s a difficult question to answer, as many forest assessments are often years or even a decade out of date by the time ...

Is organic always better? It’s not as clear-cut as you might think.

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This story was originally published by Fusion and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. It’s easy to think that buying organic food helps to support local ...

Burying Their Cattle, Ranchers Call Wildfires ‘Our Hurricane Katrina’

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“You think you’re done,” he said, “and the next day you got to go shoot more.” For decades and generations, ranching has defined people’s days. Mr. Kaltenbach would wake up ...

Talking Rural Farms and Art with Iowa's Poet Laureate, Mary Swander

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Mary Swander is the Poet Laureate of Iowa. She is the author of numerous books, poetry and plays. The plays, based on hours of conversations with Iowans, draw on an ...

The Future Of Urban Farming Might Actually Be Suburban Farming

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When the urban farming startup BrightFarms first launched, it envisioned building its hydroponic greenhouses directly on grocery store roofs and on vacant city lots. Now, it says that the smartest ...

How Millennials Will Forever Change America's Farmlands

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PointCloudCisco and AppDynamics Close Their Blockbuster DealOneTimeElon Musk Wants NASA Bill to Include More Funding for MarsU.S.-Russian relationsFormer Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Once Worked to Advance Putin’s InterestsBroadsheetThe Broadsheet: ...

Hope in the Amazon

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When discussing solutions to climate change, conversations usually center on reducing carbon emissions. Equally important, however, is preserving and restoring natural ecosystems, like the Amazon rainforest, that absorb carbon dioxide ...

How drones are helping design the solar power plants of the future

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At the edge of a plot of muddy farmland, a few miles down the road from the University of California at Davis, an engineer takes a few quick steps across ...

Where to From Here? The Local Food Movement 15 Years Later

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Edible Communities began in 2002 with the launch of Edible Ojai, a magazine that chronicled the rising interest in farm-to-table/local, organic and natural foods. Since that time, the organization started ...

How a climate-friendly flour company built a flourishing market

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Shepherd’s Grain sells not only high-quality flour made from wheat grown with no-till practices. It also sells the story of no-till, a farming method that eliminates the significant climate-warming carbon ...

Agenda / Environment

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New Deforestation Hot Spots in the World’s Largest Tropical Forests

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New analysis shows what effect forest management policies are having in Indonesia, Brazil and Democratic Republic of the Congo. Where is deforestation worsening around the world? It’s a difficult question ...

D.C.’s Urban Farms Wrestle with Gentrification and Displacement

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If you’ve lived or worked in Washington D.C. over the last decade, the scale and pace of gentrification there has been impossible to miss. Over the last decade, the city ...

What Should Be on Trump’s Food Policy Agenda

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Just two weeks into his presidency, Donald Trump has signed orders implementing sweeping policy changes in the areas of immigration, public health, and trade. While he has yet to touch ...

Mayans Have Farmed The Same Way For Millennia. Climate Change Means They Can't

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Dionisio Yam Moo stands about four-and-a-half-feet tall, and his skin is weathered from years in the tropical sun. A "proudly Mayan" farmer, he grows corn, beans and vegetables on a ...

Against Cheap Food: An Aide Memoir

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In May 2015 the Global Alliance for the Future of Food hosted its first International Dialogue, bringing together over 150 key stakeholders from across sectors to discuss and identify pathways ...

Sorry, Salad Lovers: We May Have No Mesclun Mix (For Two Weeks)

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The system that delivers fresh salad greens like clockwork to the nation's grocery stores is breaking down slightly. In about three weeks, consumers may get a reminder of two things.

Why More Farmers are Making The Switch To Grass-Fed Meat And Dairy

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Though he didn't come from a farming family, from a young age Tim Joseph was fascinated by the idea of living off the land. Reading magazines like The Stockman Grass ...

By 2030 Megacities May Devour More Than 86 Million Acres of Prime Farmland

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A recent study by a group of scientists from around the world finds that by 2030, sprawling mega-cities will squeeze out productive farmland, especially in Asia and Africa, putting a ...

Can Organic Food Prevent a Public Health Crisis?

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Is organic food better for us? A growing number of scientific studies suggest that it is. And now, the latest evidence to support this claim is a new report from ...