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Mayans Have Farmed The Same Way For Millennia. Climate Change Means They Can't

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Dionisio Yam Moo stands about four-and-a-half-feet tall, and his skin is weathered from years in the tropical sun. A "proudly Mayan" farmer, he grows corn, beans and vegetables on a ...

By 2030 Megacities May Devour More Than 86 Million Acres of Prime Farmland

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A recent study by a group of scientists from around the world finds that by 2030, sprawling mega-cities will squeeze out productive farmland, especially in Asia and Africa, putting a ...

How a climate-friendly flour company built a flourishing market

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Shepherd’s Grain sells not only high-quality flour made from wheat grown with no-till practices. It also sells the story of no-till, a farming method that eliminates the significant climate-warming carbon ...

What Should Be on Trump’s Food Policy Agenda

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Just two weeks into his presidency, Donald Trump has signed orders implementing sweeping policy changes in the areas of immigration, public health, and trade. While he has yet to touch ...

Agenda / Environment

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New Deforestation Hot Spots in the World’s Largest Tropical Forests

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|PrintWhere is deforestation worsening around the world? It’s a difficult question to answer, as many forest assessments are often years or even a decade out of date by the time ...