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India's Silicon Valley gets a seriously impressive vertical garden

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Vertical greenery is a thing now. After China last month, India's Silicon Valley, Bangalore, now has a vertical garden.Local NGO SayTrees has set up the city's first organic garden on ...

Online dating is a total nightmare for farmers

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Swiping on dating apps is a breeze if you live in a town or city. But, when you're a young farmer living in a rural community, it's a whole other ...

Don't try to fix your iPhone 7 home button yourself

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12 mentions3 weeks ago
Fixing any broken phone is a hassle, but if you have an iPhone, you really only have one safe option: repairing your device using an Apple-certified technician. It ain't cheap.You ...

Clean energy projects soared in 2016 as solar and wind got cheaper

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Global investment in clean energy fell in 2016 — and that's largely a good thing. The world spent less money to build even higher amounts of renewable electricity compared to ...

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' returns home in DIY homemade fashion

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Spider-Man swings through cardboard sets and miniature cities to prove that he's not a kid in this DIY, shot-for-shot remake of the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer—or Spider-Man HomeMADE trailer (see what ...

Definitely don't follow these DIY steps to give your red iPhone 7 a black front

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7 mentions1 month ago
Sometimes fashion just trumps function.If that means cracking open your brand new red iPhone 7, voiding the warranty and potentially breaking it? Then so be it.Because when it comes to ...

Ben & Jerry's will sell ice cream that tastes like your favorite cereal

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Ben and Jerry's wants you to trade your morning bowl of cereal for a morning bowl of ice cream, and they've got the flavors to make it worth your while.The ...

These cities are totally slaying the solar power game

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With the Trump administration targeting various government clean energy programs, we can think of no better time to celebrate the U.S. cities with the most installed solar energy. A new ...

Cyclist bikes 125 miles to create the cutest of map goats

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Try to name something more than riding 125 miles in the shape of a goat. Go ahead, try. ���� GOAT RIDE! ���� We did it @mrtyhrlyfghtclb @blipsandchips @cpdeacon Link to ...

Bike-sharing companies are flooding the market, but this one insists its bikes are smartest

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Singapore now has a third bike-sharing company in just a few months. One of China's largest bike-sharing firms, Mobike launched here on Tuesday, adding to the growing list of bike-sharing ...

China's largest bike-sharing company has a solution for people vandalizing its bikes

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For all the buzz that the bike-sharing concept gets, the ill-treatment of these bikes gets just as much attention. Because people are terrible. China's Ofo, which has become the first ...

5-year-old 'boss lady' is slaying the fashion game

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The fashion world better watch out for a chic 5-year-old whose outfits are already killing it. Sailor Blu McColister, daughter of Shanice Sarratt and rapper Ace Hood, picked out her ...

A coal museum in Kentucky looks to an unlikely power source: solar energy

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The tiny town of Benham, Kentucky, was originally built to serve the coal mining industry. Now it's embracing solar energy.Benham, population 500, will soon get an array of solar panels ...

Shared bikes are so popular, they've have squeezed humans out of this park

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Bicycles have pretty much outnumbered humans in this park in Shenzhen, China. These pictures emerged after a four-day long weekend in China for the Qing Ming festival. SEE ALSO: People ...