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Plastic waste has gotten out of hand. Ban plastic foam take-out boxes

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Five years ago, a proposed law banning the use of polystyrene containers to serve burgers, salads and other prepared foods failed in the state Assembly after heavy opposition from the ...

Let’s Talk About Plastic Pollution: An International Panel Discussion

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Plastic Pollution Coalition and Natura will host a panel discussion on plastic pollution in coordination with the launch of Natura's Plastic Kills campaign on Wednesday, Mar. 29 in Barcelona, Spain.

Once unthinkable, now common: Seabirds ingesting plastic

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This sculpture shows a scene that was once unthinkable – seabirds ingesting vast quantities of plastic. With nine in every ten seabirds now having plastic in their stomachs it has ...

WATCH: Stunning New Footage of Plastic Pollution in Indonesia (And Learn How Each of Us Can Help)

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Step into the beautiful world of Komodo Island—one of the remote islands of Indonesia—where the pristine natural environment brims with life, but amidst the flora and fauna grows an invasive ...

Our Oceans Are Garbage

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Photos by authorThis post originally appeared on VICE Canada.When you're driving down the West Coast Highway on Vancouver Island, it's hard not to be in awe of the surrounding natural ...

Actors and Activists to Highlight 'Voices 4 Oceans' on Mar. 23

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Notable actors and activists will join forces to support The 5 Gyres Institute at the Voices 4 Oceans benefit storytelling event in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday, Mar. 23. Get ...

How Countries in Africa are Winning the Fight Against Plastic Pollution

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By Emily DiFrisco The scourge of plastic pollution has far-reaching environmental and animal and human health consequences all over the world, and countries in Africa are no exception. Plastic trash ...

How Plastic Bottles Benefit ExxonMobil

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America has a dangerous and deadly addiction to plastic. If recent trends in New York State are any indication, it’s not going away anytime soon, thanks in part to multi-million-dollar ...

Kenya Joins Growing Fight Against Plastic Pollution

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Kenya just became the latest country to ban plastic bags. According to Environment Cabinet Secretary Judi Wakhungu, "The ministry has banned the use, manufacture and importation of all plastic bags ...

UN takes aim at 'wasteful' plastics in oceans

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Under fire are microplastics in cosmetics and single-use plastics, such as water bottles and plastic bags, with the UN calling their use "wasteful" and "excessive". The announcement comes as Sky's ...

Take Action NOW to Stop Plastic Pollution at the Source

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Last month, Indonesia pledged to cut plastic pollution by an astounding 70% by 2025, in response to the UN Environment Programme’s #CleanSeas campaign. This commitment is a huge step forward ...

Plastic Pollution Coalition

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Find out why Loading... The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Loading... Loading... Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please ...

London's Newest Sculpture Is Seabirds Vomiting Plastic

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In the near future, taking a dip in the ocean could be more like thrashing in the ball pit at McDonald’s. A conservative estimate puts more than 5 trillion pieces ...

5 Realities About Plastic Pollution That Won’t Go Away Until We Do Something

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When is the last time you touched something made out of plastic? A day ago? An hour ago? Are you touching plastic right now? Cups, lids, straws, containers, wrappers, bottles ...

Here's one small thing you can do about plastic pollution

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A campaign by the Marine Conservation Society wants you to report any #wildbottlesightings on social media. A strange new creature has overtaken the shorelines and waterways of Great Britain. It’s ...

Microplastics in our environment: A conversation with Odile Madden, Smithsonian plastics scientist

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By Sarah Puschmann Odile Madden knows a lot about plastic. A materials scientist with the Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute, she has spent the past eight years studying plastics artifacts in ...

International Plastic Kills Campaign Launches in Spain

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Clothing designer Natura launched Plastic Kills in collaboration with Plastic Pollution Coalition in Barcelona, Spain, last week. The campaign raises awareness about the harmful consumption of single-use plastic and educates ...

Plastic Pollution Coalition

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Polluted Oceans The Seas of Indonesia In November our CEO Lisa Christensen had the opportunity to join Plastic Pollution Expedition Summit At Sea, - ‘’While our time in and out ...

What are microfibers and why are our clothes polluting the oceans?

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Blogpost by Kirsten Brodde - 2 March, 2017 at 11:08 Synthetic fibers could be a wonderful thing. Their production requires far less water than cotton and they don’t require toxic ...

Millions of single-use plastic soft drink bottles sold every year, report shows

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More than two million tonnes of throwaway plastic soft drinks bottles are sold each year, with only a small proportion made from recycled materials, research reveals. A survey by Greenpeace ...

Coca-Cola produces over 100 billion plastic bottles that can't be recycled, Greenpeace says

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Coca-Cola is failing to combat the environmental damage caused by it producing over 100 billion throwaway plastic bottles each year, a new analysis by Greenpeace has revealed. Last March the ...

Delhi, India Has Banned All Plastic. Yes, ALL Plastic.

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Every year, roughly 8.8 million metric tons of plastic — the entire amount of plastic we humans produced in 1961 — is swept into the ocean with the devastating future ...

15 Ways to Stop Microfiber Pollution Now

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Think about all your clothing made of acrylic, nylon, and polyester. Yes, that means fleece, trousers, blouses, socks, and even your beloved yoga pants. Did you know? Every time you ...

There is No ‘Away’: How Each of Us Can Help Stop Plastic Pollution

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Related: Waste Not Leadership Natural Resources Last month, Indonesia pledged to cut plastic pollution by an astounding 70 percent by 2025, in response to the UN Environment Programme’s #CleanSeas campaign.

A Plastic Ocean: 2017 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital

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None Share A Plastic Ocean: 2017 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital A PLASTIC OCEAN begins when journalist Craig Leeson, searching for the elusive blue whale, discovers plastic waste ...

Why You Should Never Sip From a Plastic Straw Again

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Entourage, has launched a campaign to reduce the amount of single-use plastic usage in this country in order to protect and save marine wildlife and the environment. Plastic drinking straws ...

Microfiber Plastics Are Polluting Our Oceans: We Demand Action!

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Most of us wear synthetic fabrics like polyester every day. Our dress shirts, yoga pants, fleeces, and even underwear are all increasingly made of synthetic materials -- plastic, in fact.

Straw Wars: The Fight to Rid the Oceans of Discarded Plastic

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Of the eight million tons of plastic trash that flow every year into the world’s oceans, the plastic drinking straw is surely not a top contributor to all that tonnage.

Glee Chewing Gum Goes Plastic-Free!

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I first wrote about plastic in chewing gum in January of 2010. At that time, there really was no brand of gum available that didn’t either contain plastic in the ...