MOTHER EARTH NOW is a constantly updated stream of news shaped by MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors and you, the users. For the topics that MOTHER EARTH NEWS traditionally covers, we’ve set NOW to display the most popular articles shared by hundreds of expert influencers in dozens of categories. The result is a steady stream of very informative "breaking news and respected views."

Give MOTHER EARTH NOW a try with your morning coffee — if you love reading about homesteading and sustainable living, we think you’ll love MOTHER EARTH NOW. The best part? You won't have to read through 20 other article headlines to find the most important info because we've found it for you. Fully searchable and updated regularly, MOTHER EARTH NOW is a powerful tool to see what's happening in the categories you care about, right now.

And for the curious reader, here are the nuts and bolts:

What are those Influencers toward the top of the page?
These are people and groups that MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors have hand picked to follow on Twitter. When one of our Influencers tweets about a new study or news article, you can see it here.

When I move my cursor onto an Influencer's picture, I see a number. What's that?
That's their Mojo. Mojo is a ranking within our MOTHER EARTH NOW page based on reader interest. If people tend to click on stories that an influencer has tweeted, she has a higher ranking. The highest Mojo is 1000.

How do I know where these stories are coming from?
You can see the original source just to the left of each headline, or you can click on the story.

Can I see the original tweets?
You can find those by clicking on one of the MOTHER EARTH NOW posts. This is also how you view the story itself. So that's it! With this powerful tool, you can see stories and ideas that are trending right now from hundreds of sources and conversations. Try it out!